Apple Watch: How to turn on Apple Watch

 How to turn on Apple Watch You just bought an Apple Watch and would you like to learn the basic mechanics of this smartwatch, starting with those relating to its switching on and off? Your Apple Watch has stopped activating automatically when you move your wrist and would you like to understand what happened? Don’t … Read more

Apple Pencil: App for Apple Pencil aranzulla

App for Apple Pencil After purchasing an iPad, you have decided to complete your equipment with Apple Pencil, the “Smart” pencil that is connected via Bluetooth to the tablet of the Cupertino company and which allows you to write, take notes, draw and color in a very natural way on the device screen. Furthermore, if necessary, it … Read more

iPhone apps: How to uninstall iPhone apps

How to uninstall iPhone apps After buying your first iPhone, you immediately started downloading tons of applications that you thought might be useful to you. After a few days, however, you realized that, in addition to significantly reducing the storage space available on your device, many of the apps that you initially thought might be interesting … Read more