Nanotechnologies: What are nanotechnologies?

Technology > What are nanotechnologies? Nanotechnologies copy nature and help defend it … Leaves, insects, and flowers “work” with microscopic mechanisms and technology has been trying to imitate them for years. Welcome to the nanoworld… Man imitates the nature of leaves, insects, and flowers to create materials that, while measuring a few billionths of a … Read more

PC Mouse: Who invented the pc mouse?

It is the most famous mouse in the world and you are using it right now (unless you have a tablet). What’s this? It’s the pc mouse! Let’s find out who invented it and some fun anecdotes. You may not know it, but the first mouse was made of wood! It was invented in 1963 … Read more

HiBit Uninstaller: how to do complete maintenance operating system

HiBit Uninstaller: how to do complete maintenance of the operating system with a single program   Hibit Uninstaller from the name, appears to be the “usual” program uninstaller, like Revo uninstaller, Iobit Uninstaller, or Bulk Crap Uninstaller however, when you open the Tools menu you will discover many other utilities for operating system maintenance, from cleaning … Read more