Democracy is Prosperity: Private Sector Establishes Independent Spending Committee to Participat

Private Sector Establishes Independent Spending Committee to Participate in Puerto Rico’s Democratic Process

A coalition of private sector associations and leaders have announced the registration of an independent spending committee (CGI) to participate in Puerto Rico’s democratic process. The group, named Democracy is Prosperity, aims to support candidates from any party who align with the principles of free market democracy. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what the creation of this committee means for Puerto Rico’s political landscape.

Democracy is Prosperity

Background on Democracy is Prosperity

Democracy is Prosperity aims to educate candidates and voters about the close relationship between free market democracy and economic prosperity. The group’s public policy agenda advocates for a new style of government that is competent, frugal, facilitative, and dedicated to lowering the cost of living and doing business for all. The coalition seeks to stimulate investment and economic development based on the creativity, talent, and entrepreneurship of Puerto Ricans.

Members of the Advisory Board

The independent spending committee is advised by several prominent figures in Puerto Rico’s private sector, including Eduardo Marxuach, President of Econo Supermarkets; Jorge Rodríguez, CEO of PACIV; Josean Rossi, President of Aireko; Rafael Rojo, President of VRM Companies; Mario Somoza, President of B. Fernández & Hermanos; and Alejandro Ballester from Ballester Hermanos. Additionally, the Retail Merchants Association (ACDET), MIDA, and Grupo V. Suárez are part of the advisory board.

(Democracy is Prosperity) Transparency and Accountability

Democracy is Prosperity recognizes that there is skepticism about the participation of independent spending committees in electoral processes. To address this concern, the group pledges to ensure transparency and accountability. The contributions to the committee will be made public, and the entire country will see in a transparent way that it is a broad movement with support from competitors in the commercial field. The committee is prevented from coordinating its efforts or making direct donations to candidates, their committees, or their parties. Finally, it will support candidates from different parties, avoiding any possibility of clientelism or cronyism for the advancement of particular interests.

What is the purpose of Democracy is Prosperity?

Democracy is Prosperity aims to support candidates who promote free market democracy and stimulate economic development in Puerto Rico.

Who are the members of the advisory board?

The advisory board includes prominent figures from Puerto Rico’s private sector, such as Eduardo Marxuach, Jorge Rodríguez, Josean Rossi, Rafael Rojo, Mario Somoza, and Alejandro Ballester, along with Retail Merchants Association, MIDA, and Grupo V. Suárez.

How does Democracy is Prosperity ensure transparency and accountability?

The group pledges to make contributions to the committee public, prevent coordination with candidates or parties, and support candidates from different parties to avoid any possibility of clientelism or cronyism for the advancement of particular interests.

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