McDonald’s Halloween bucket 2022 Meal Boo Buckets

McDonald’s Halloween bucket: Yes, McDonald’s hugely popular Halloween Happy Meal Boo Buckets are back this month
McDonald's Halloween bucket 2022 Meal Boo Buckets
McDonald’s Halloween bucket 2022 Meal Boo Buckets
Nowadays, McDonald’s Happy Meal toys tend to run for boring movie stickers. But get ready to stir up your nostalgia: the fast food chain has finally confirmed rumors that it’s… McDonald’s Halloween Buckets, aka Boo Buckets, will be back this Halloween. The buckets will be available at participating McDonald’s locations in the United States starting October 18, and here’s what you need to know.
What are McDonald’s Halloween Buckets?
In 1986, McDonald’s began offering its Happy Meal kids’ meals in cute Halloween-themed buckets that can act as trick-or-treat buckets for kids, if they’re not looking for the ultimate candy, that is. Happy Meals usually come in cardboard boxes shaped like houses, so the buckets were a spooky gift.
What will the Halloween Boo Buckets of 2022 be like?
McDonald’s offers three different colors: the white ghost, the orange pumpkin, and the green witch, also known as McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin. A noticeable difference from previous years: the lids are unusual.
There appears to be an embossed embellishment for each lid: a witch hat for McGoblin, a pumpkin top for McPunk’n, and what looks like a white pumpkin top for McBoo. But from the photo, it’s not clear whether that decoration is part of a lid covering the top, or just a separate piece of plastic, and the bucket itself is open. I think we will know soon.
McDonald’s Halloween bucket: 
Customers should also know that these Happy Meals do not come with additional toys. The bucket is the toy. But McDonald’s New Adult Happy Meal brings the toys: classic McDonald’s characters, plus a new creation, all with four eyes.
How and when can I get a Halloween Boo Bucket?
Nostalgic meal boxes are back on October 18 in three colors: pumpkin orange, slime green, and ghostly white. All you have to do is order a Happy Meal from your local participating McDonald’s and the bucket comes with it.
You can choose between a hamburger, a cheeseburger, or a Happy Meal Chicken McNuggets. In addition to the main course, the meal consists of French fries and another side dish, such as apple slices, plus a small drink.
Prices vary by restaurant, but at my local McDonald’s, Happy Meals cost between $ 5 and $ 7. The bucket replaces the toys that normally come with the Happy Meal, so there’s no extra cost.
Will the Halloween Boo buckets run out?
Warning: The Boo Buckets have received so much frontline press that they are likely to sell out quickly. And we still don’t know how the colors will be distributed – will restaurants only sell one color at a time until they run out? There are probably collectors fishing to get all three colors, which could ruin the restaurant’s inventory.
Yahoo reports that some McDonald’s employees are already struggling to place orders for the crazies. to make “Happy Meal for adults” with strange toys of four-eyed McDonald’s characters. Boo Buckets might have a similar crush.
What did McDonald’s original Halloween buckets look like?
The three original designs were all orange and had McDonald’s names reused in 2022: McPunk’n, McBoo, and McGoblin. They all looked like jack-o-lanterns, only with different faces. McPunk’n looks happy, McBoo looks a little surprised, and McGoblin looks… sleepy, but he probably must look scary.
McDonald’s Ghost and Witch Halloween Buckets:

A few years later, McDonald’s added white ghosts and green witches. They all looked pretty happy, even the supposed ghostly witch. Here they are in a 1990 ad. As the ad explains, the phantom bucket glows even in the dark. (Don’t think too much about how Chicken McNuggets make the sauce, presumably to use for their own consumption.)
When did McDonald’s stop making Halloween buckets?
Nightmare Nostalgia has a wonderful timeline of history if you really want to delve into the promotional past of a fast food chain. (I won’t knock you if you do, because I’m one of you.)
McDonald’s Halloween bucket: 
Some of the biggest changes have involved switching to glow-in-the-dark vinyl trick-or-treat bags called McBoo Bags. In 1992, the buckets were redesigned with cookie cutters that peeled off from the top. This was supposed to be a highlight for McDonald’s Halloween bucket creativity. Hope someone got a raise that year.
Then the buckets continued to be modified and eventually disappeared in 2016, with a design from It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
McDonald’s Halloween bucket:
Unpublished Halloween buckets that we will never see
According to YouTuber Consumer Time Capsule, there were six proposed Halloween buckets that were never released, including this purring black cat. Wow, we missed out on some good pop-culture here. There is also a wonderful McMummy.

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