Assisi: Five projects for Assisi, the Ministry of Tourism has talked about them

Five projects for Assisi, the Ministry of Tourism has talked about them

Five projects concerning Assisi were at the center of a meeting between the Mayor and the Minister of Tourism, which took place in Rome at the headquarters of the dicastery via Villa di Ada.

Assisi: Five projects for Assisi

First of all, the law on the eighth centenary of the death of St. Francis, awaiting publication in the Official Gazette, provides for the establishment of a Committee that deals with the calendar of celebrations and which will be entrusted with a budget of 4 million and 510 thousand euros.

Assisi : Then the candidacy for Unesco called for the

enhancement of municipalities with a tourist-cultural vocation, the Via di Francesco project for welcoming pilgrims, the national project Citta Santuario, of which Assisi is the leader, and the Assisi Citta Presepe project.

The mayor also brought to the minister’s attention the latest data on tourism which confirm Assisi as the capital in Umbria of arrivals and presences and the full collaboration between the two institutions was confirmed by the comparison.

In fact, Assisi is the city that drives the entire tourism sector with the numbers of arrivals and presences that far exceed those of the other districts of the region.

After the two years of crisis, due to the effects of the pandemic, the summer saw a boom in tourists in all the accommodation activities of the city and this confirms the advance of last summer’s data when there was even more presence than in 2019.

Assisi Actions aimed at the best reception of tourists

The municipal administration has always been committed to preparing actions aimed at the best reception of tourists and pilgrims, such as the recent opening of two hostels, one in Armenzano and one on the outskirts of the city, or the restoration of one of the symbolic monuments of the community, the Torre del Popolo in Piazza del Comune, which will be open from October 1st.

Assisi continues to be the most attractive center

In short, Assisi continues to be the most attractive center of the region from a cultural point of view thanks to the immense heritage of monuments, from the religious point of view for being the home of a giant Church like San Francesco, and from the environmental point of view for the extraordinary beauty of the landscape.

The proximity of the Ministry of Tourism in this process of enhancing our heritage is an added value for the whole territory and for the Umbria Region as a whole.

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