Strawberry blonde: the trendy color for fall

Strawberry blonde: the trendy color for fall

Don’t panic, this trendy blond won’t make you look like a baguette or a Mara des Bois. This is a warm blonde with pink highlights, simply sublime.

Strawberry blonde

With the cold of autumn, do you want to warm up your coloring? Then the “strawberry blond ” or “strawberry blond” is what you need.

Unlike polar blond, this is a golden/copper blond, located between Venetian and Californian, produced by light and relief effects. The hairdresser uses pink pastels which will act on depigmented locks. Depending on the basic color of the hair, sometimes veils of pink color appear.

For who? This color is more appropriate for blonde hair. Brunettes will have to go through the discoloration box so that the light shades “catch” the hair. Moreover, from one woman to another, the result will be very different because the products used to act according to the lightening of the hair.

And after? Before you start, know that this color requires a lot of maintenance. As the hair will be weakened, it is necessary to use a sulfate-free shampoo to wash the hair without attacking it.

Then, to gently rehydrate them and keep the color in place, you must also apply a mask at least once a week. Finally, the coloring will need to be pigmented every two months, to avoid the unglamorous “washed out” effect.

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