Makeup Trends: How to adopt spring 2022 makeup trends?

From vibrant colors to sparkling glitter, what are the spring 2022 makeup trends you shouldn’t miss? Discover them here, and how to adapt them well, with our 20 inspirations.

Makeup Trends

Makeup Trends: Spring is (finally) back and it brings with it fresh and vibrant new makeup trends that we want to try out right away! In this spring of 2022, we literally drop the masks and adopt looks with bright colors, sparkling sequins, or even glamorous rhinestones, in short, we have fun, we dare! Today we reveal the essential trends for spring 2022, to adopt immediately for successful make-up.

Makeup Trends: Trendy eye makeup for spring 2022

  • Colored eye shadows: this spring, we leave neutral shadows aside and adopt color. Moreover, there are many colors that stand out: pink, blue, and purple. In short, we add intense colors to her eyes, for an incredible look.
  • The colored eyeliner: in the same line, the eyeliner also offers a little color this year. We dare the fluorescent liner and we dare the electric looks.
  • The color match: it’s not uncommon to see more and more celebrities sporting fabulous makeup to match their outfits and honestly, we love it.
  • The “inner eye”: is usually used to add a point of light in the inner corner of the eye after applying makeup, this year, the “inner eye” intensifies. We dare to add color to it and we even dare to wear it alone, without making up the rest of the eye, or with a line of eyeliner.
  • Under the eyes: why focus only on your upper eyelid when you can make up the eyelash line? This year, we dare to use intense lines and vibrant colors to highlight your look.
  • Graphic eyeliner: from graphic cat eye to double line of the liner, anything goes! Exit the classic looks, this time, we allow ourselves all the extravagances.
  • Rhinestones: After the success of HBO’s phenomenal series Euphoria, it’s impossible to miss the rhinestone trend. These little skin jewels from the 2000s invite themselves on our eyelids, but also on our teeth !

How to make up your complexion in spring 2022?

  • Soft glam: winter is over and our desire to overshadow your makeup complexion is gone with it. For the return of sunny days, we opt for natural looks, but just as glamorous. The “soft glam” is intended to be lighter, by accentuating this makeup/cleansing side.
  • Blush: We recently talked about it with the ” eye blush ” or ” w blush ” technique, so it’s not surprising to see it appear in the list. Blush is on the rise and has become a true make-up essential. From pink blush to peach blush via purple, it adapts to all skin tones. Good-looking effect guaranteed!
  • Glitter: this year, we shine again and again. Glitter isn’t just on the eyes, it’s also on the rest of the face. An ideal trend for avant-garde and really hot looks.

Makeup Trends: What lip trends for spring 2022?

  • Rhinestones: on the eyes, on the face, and now on the lips, there is no doubt that rhinestones are THE trend to adopt this season. Well, we admit it, it’s not very practical for eating or drinking, but it’s hot !
  • Lip jewelry: just like rhinestones, this spring, we are adopting lip jewelry, for even crazier and more original looks.
  • Vibrant colors: if nude lipsticks are real timeless, they are gradually stealing the show for vibrant and electric tones. If red remains the flagship color to have in your makeup bag, others are also pointing at the tip of their noses, such as orange or pink.
  • The gloss: after having shunned it for two years with our masks, the gloss is getting a second life in the spring of 2022. From plumping gloss to glitter gloss, we welcome it with open arms.

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