Lombardy Region internship: how to place an intern in your company

how to place an intern in your company?

Stage of the Lombardy Region: also in this region, as in many others, such as Venetothe Promoting Body must have a regional accreditation in order to be able to activate internships regularly and in compliance with the law.

Lombardy Region internship

Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select the promoting body to rely on a competent supplier, who can guarantee regulatory safety and quality advice.

The last substantial modification of the internship legislation in the Lombardy Region dates back to 2018, but the Region constantly publishes FAQs and other small updates.

Let’s see what are the most important elements to take into consideration to activate Internships in the Lombardy Region.

Lombardy Region internship: how to activate

Also in Lombardy, as in other regions,  3 actors come into play:  intern,  host, and promoter.

The promoter, a little-known and often underestimated figure, is actually an indispensable subject that determines the validity of the internship, dealing with the issuance of the necessary documents and guaranteeing supervision throughout the course, from activation to the conclusion of the internship.

The three parties are required to sign an internship contract, drawn up in compliance with the regulations of the Lombardy Region. The host organizations and promoters must also fulfill the obligations envisaged for electronic communication and registration of internships on the regional portal.

Internship regulations of the Lombardy Region

The activation of extracurricular internships in Lombardy is subject to compliance with specific regional legislation, which establishes the rules to be respected for starting and carrying out the internship.

The internship legislation presents considerable complexities, therefore it is advisable to rely on an accredited and competent promoting body, always attentive to monitoring regulatory updates, to activate safely and not risk incurring penalties.

Internship in the Lombardy Region: what may be the duration 

A Lombardy Region Internship can last at least 2 months, as in most Italian regions.

The maximum duration limit varies from 6 to 12 months, depending on the degree of difficulty of the duties covered by the trainee, in accordance with the provisions of the Regional Framework of Professional Standards (QRSP) of Lombardy.

The possibility of terminating the internship early is always granted to the intern for any reason, while the company can request the interruption only in the event of serious non-compliance by the intern or for serious reasons that make it impossible to achieve the objectives set by the training project.

There is also the possibility of extending the internship, provided that the maximum duration limits defined in accordance with the QRSP are respected.

How many interns can a company host in Lombardy?

Lombardy, like other regions, provides for a  limit on the number of trainees admitted, aimed at discouraging improper use of the traineeship  (which is often considered a system to replace employees rather than a training tool).

Here is what the  calculation  for the Lombardy Region internships provides,  considering the operational headquarters :

  • 1 to 5 employees> 1 intern
  • from 6 to 20 employees> up to 2 interns
  • over 20 employees> up to a number of interns not exceeding 10% of the employees themselves

As in other regions, a reward criterion can be applied to reward companies that hire interns at the end of the internships: based on the number of internships activated 24 previous months and the number of interns established with a contract in the same period of time, the companies can obtain a derogation from the maximum number of internships that can be activated.

Lombardy Region Internship: minimum allowance 

The legislation of the Lombardy Region provides that the intern will be granted a mandatory minimum allowance for participation in the internship.

The monthly fee must be at least € 500, or € 400 + a canteen or ticketIn the case of part-time hours, the allowance can be reduced to € 350

Requirements of a host organization in Lombardy

According to the Lombardy legislation, the host must have the requirements to host one or more interns, as well as numbers related to the activity carried outThe promoter is required to check these requirements to determine the validity of the internship.

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