Single child allowance 2022: from the ISEE, here’s what you need to know

Single child allowance 2022: from the ISEE to the application, from the amounts to the Iban, here’s what you need to know

From March 1st, the single child allowance replaces a series of benefits – Here is a short guide with the most common questions: from requirements to amounts, from I see to Iban

Single child allowance 2022: from the ISEE to the application, from the amounts to the Iban, here’s what you need to know

From today, 1st  March 2022, the era of the single child allowance begins. The new benefit incorporates those previously in force and does not provide for income limits. This is why it is defined as universal.

Here, in summary, is what you need to know.

Single child allowance: are there any requirements?
The subsidy is valid for each dependent minor child starting from the seventh month of pregnancy and, under certain conditions, up to the age of 21.

  • Children between the ages of 18 and 21 must meet at least one of these requirements :
  • go to school, university, or attend a professional training course;
  • carry out an internship or a job and have an income of less than 8 thousand euros per year;
  • be registered as unemployed looking for work with the public employment services;

carry out universal civil service.

For dependent children with disabilities, however, the single child allowance is always recognized, without age limits.

How much is the single child allowance worth?

The amount varies according to the ISEE and the number of children.

For example, with an ISEE of less than 15 thousand euros, three children and two working parents receive 700 euros per month, because they are entitled to 175 euros for each child plus a surcharge of 85 euros from the third child and 30 euros because the parents they work.

To find out in advance how much your single child allowance would be, you can use the ” Simulation of monthly allowance amount ” service on the INPS website, which provides an indicative value of the monthly amount.

Is presenting the ISEE mandatory?

No: those who do not do so will still receive a minimum amount of 50 euros.

How do you apply for the single child allowance?

The application is presented from the INPS website, by logging in with your credentials. Alternatively, it is possible to contact those who carry out patronage services or the INPS contact center.

What data and documents do you need?

Not many: tax code of the children and of the parent other than the applicant, Iban code for payment, declarations of responsibility, and consent to the processing of data. No other documents should be attached.

How does the payment by INPS work?

The INPS pays the money directly to the beneficiary’s current account, who must specify his IBAN on the INPS website at the time of the request. 

Attention: the applicant must be the owner or at least joint holder of the current account indicated.

When does the first payment arrive?

Between 15 and 31 March, INPS should pay the first single child allowance to all those who have applied for it starting from January 2022.

How does it work for those who did not apply in January?

In this case, there is a distinction to be made:

whoever submits the application by June is also entitled to arrears starting from March;

after June, however, there is no longer any right to arrears and the payment of the single child allowance will start from the month following that in which the application was submitted.
Is the single child allowance compatible with the citizenship income?

Yes, and not only: the new subsidy will be paid by INPS to families who receive citizenship income without the need to submit an application.

What benefits are replaced by the single child allowance?

The new allowance includes the following benefits:

  • the birth or adoption bonus (Mom tomorrow bonus);
  • allowance for families with at least three minor children;
  • family allowances for families with children and orphans;
  • childbirth allowance (so-called baby bonus);
  • tax deductions for children up to 21 years of age.
  • On the other hand, the crèche bonus remains in effect.

How many families are entitled to the single child allowance?
According to official data, the potential audience is made up of seven million families, for a total of about 11 million children. Until last week, however, INPS had received only 2.2 million applications.   

How much will it cost the state?

For 2022, public spending is expected to amount to 15.12 billion euros, a figure that will rise to over 18 billion starting next year.

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