Scrapping ter: the new installment has just expired: what this deadline 2022

The deadline for the scrapping installment ter has just expired. What can be done to continue to be in good standing even after the deadline?

On February 28, the deadline to settle the scrapping ter. Anyone who has not yet paid the next installment will still have an opportunity to comply: here’s how.

Scrapping ter: what to do after the deadline of 28 February

Yesterday, February 28, the deadline for paying the next installment of the scrapping ter expired. This deadline concerns all those taxpayers who take advantage of the facilitated definition of the bills and have proceeded to settle all previous payments.

In the event of payment after the deadline or payment of a partial sum, taxpayers will no longer be able to continue to take advantage of the benefits of the facilitated definition and the amounts that have already been paid will be considered as advances on the amounts due to the Revenue Agency – Collection.

Those who have missed this deadline, however, still have a few days to comply. By law, in fact, there are 5 days of tolerance from the payment deadline. The deadline, within which it is possible to keep all the benefits, is therefore set for 7 March.

How to pay the scrapping installment ter: where and how to pay

To proceed with the payment of the next installment of the scrapping ter it is necessary to be in possession of the appropriate slips sent by the Revenue Agency – Collection.

Alternatively, you can request and download them through the Agency’s website, by accessing your private area using SPID Public Identity System credentials, CIE Electronic Identity Card, or CNS National Service Card.

Once in possession of the bulletin, it is possible to proceed with the balance through your bank, atm ATMs that are enabled for payments with the Cbill service, post offices but also at tobacconists that adhere to the Sisal, Lottomatica, and Banca 5 spa circuits…

Payment can also be made on the website of the Revenue Agency – Collection and through the PagoPA platform. By appointment, it is possible to go to the counters to carry out this operation.

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