Retirement age 2023-2024 stable at 67 years. INPS: frozen requirements

Retirement age 2023-2024 stable at 67 years. INPS: frozen requirements even for precocious and strenuous jobs

The INPS clarifies that the 2023-2024 retirement age will remain at 67 because, with Covid, life expectancy has dropped – Here are the requirements also for early retirement.

The INPS certifies that the retirement age 2023-2024 will not change compared to that of today. The registry requirement for retirement will therefore remain 67 years, the same as in the two-year period 2021-2022. The reason? Simple: according to Istat data, in recent years life expectancy has not increased (as it had almost always happened previously).

On the contrary: the pandemic even lowered it by three months. Consequently, for the retirement age 2023-2024, the automatic adjustment (i.e. raising), a mechanism introduced with the Fornero reform, will not trigger.  

This means that the personal data required for old-age treatment will only increase starting from 2025 and only if, by then, Istat has detected an increase in the life expectancy of Italians.

The INPS circular on pension requirements 2023-2024

To tell you the truth, the freezing of the old-age pension is not a surprise. The ministries of Labor and the Economy had already put it on paper in a decree of last 27 October. Now the INPS remembers this with a circular in which it summarizes all the rules for retiring.

Early retirement 2023-2024: contribution requirements
The contribution requirements for early retirement also remain stable regardless of age:

  • 42 years and 10 months for men;
  • 41 years and 10 months for women.

In this case, however, Covid has nothing to do with it: the rules were blocked until 2026 by decree number 4 of 2019, the same that had established Quota 100.

Retirement age 2023-2024 for strenuous work

Nor does the 2023-2024 retirement age change for those who carry out heavy or strenuous work: 66 years and 7 months, which must be accompanied by at least 30 years of contributions.

Retirement age 2023-2024 for 100% contributory

Those who started working after 1996 (and therefore, according to the Dini reform of 1995, will have a pension calculated entirely with the least advantageous contribution method) will be able to leave their job with 71 years of age and five of contributions, but only if the allowance to which you will be entitled will be equal to at least 702 euros, i.e. one and a half times the social allowance.

Early retirement 2023-2024 for precocious workers

Regardless of their age, precocious workers (i.e. those who started to pay contributions before the age of 19) and people in conditions of hardship (i.e. unemployed and incapacitated, which also fall within the perimeter of the Social Ape ) can retire early with 41 years of contributions. Again, the requirement is frozen until 2026.

Retirement age 2023-2024 in the sports, defense, and entertainment sectors

Finally, INPS reminds that those who work in the sports, defense, or entertainment sectors can benefit from special requirements for the 2023-2024 retirement age:

  • 47 years old

  • 62 years old

Actors and conductors
  • 65 years old

  • 58 years old

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