Pnrr: 24 billion euros coming from the EU: Economy Minister speaks

During the hearing at the Budget Committees of the Chamber and Senate, the Minister of the Economy Daniele Franco took stock of the situation of the NRR, explaining that 24 billion euros will arrive from the EU.

Last February 23, during the hearing on the NRP in the EU Budget, Finance and Politics Commissions of the Chamber and Senate, the Minister of the Economy Daniele Franco took stock of the evolution of the funds allocated by Europe.

The minister declared that in the course of 2021 the 51 objectives set for the achievement of the first installment of 24 billion euros were achieved.

Overall, the resources foreseen for Italy in the NRP are equal to 191.5 billion euros, to which must be added another 30.6 billion provided by the Italian government as a complementary fund. Obtaining these resources is due to the achievement of objectives that aim at the development and sustainability of the country.

However, a cut of 200 million is expected due to GDP growth in 2020-2021, above expectations.

The problem of expensive energy and inflation

What worries the minister for the economy the most is the persistence of expensive energy and inflation: it is not known how high energy prices will be.

In this regard, Minister Franco comments: “The EU legislation provides for the revision of the plan in the event that factors arise such as to have to question the objectives of the plan”.

For Italy, a challenge that needs the collaboration of the production system is expected. The capacity of the construction sector will be very important, as the work will increase dramatically compared to previous years.

149 tenders launched for 56 billion euros

As stated by Minister Daniele Franco during the hearing on the NRP, the calls and notices launched so far with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan are 149 for a total value of 56 billion.

Of these calls, 65 are still open for a value of 40 billion.

With the spending review, a dpcm is expected by 31 May with spending targets for each minister for 2023-2025.

In order to achieve the set objectives, there will be a need for an increase in the public administration systems and in the technical specialization of personnel.

The hiring of new resources for local authorities is proceeding even if with some obstacles, in fact, of the 500 technicians envisaged, 383 have been hired.

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