higher bills for these phones: who pays more, From February 28

From February 28, higher bills for these phones: who pays more

Some customers of a well-known telephone operator will see the costs of their tariff plans increase: here is who will pay the most

From February 28, some Tim customers will see their bills increase. The well-known telephone company, in fact, applied the first tariff reshaping of 2022, which it had already announced a few weeks ago.

But who will pay the most? And by how much will the monthly cost of your rate plan increase? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Tim, price increases from February 28: who pays more
First of all, it should be specified that the first-rate increase of this 2022 decided by Tim will not affect all customers, since it has to do with offers and packages that are substantially no longer present in the operator’s promotions.

It should also be noted that the offers that will suffer an increase in cost include a subscription with a rechargeable rate.

Basically, the user has not entered into a binding contract with Tim and, therefore, the rate plan may vary depending on the promotions of the moment. But what does ” rechargeable rate ” mean? 

The answer is simple: it concerns customers who top up their telephone credit every time it is reset. The increases expected from 28 February, therefore, will affect some of these people: in fact, they will pay a little more.

Tim customers, which offers will cost more from February 28th
That’s not to say that all Tim customers with a reloadable rate plan will pay more from February 28, indiscriminately. The increase in costs is foreseen for those offers that are no longer subscribable and, therefore, are subject to changes.

Customers who have subscribed to these offers in the past, therefore, will see the ‘change’: to continue to have them, therefore, they will have to pay 2 euros more per month. Tim, however, has decided to grant them another 20 gigabytes of data traffic, in addition to those foreseen by the offer chosen in the past.

But what types of offers are we talking about, in detail? Here they are below:

  • operator attack (an offer that aims to steal customers from the competition with ad hoc promotions);
  • wingback (an offer that aims to win back a former customer who passed to the competition).

These rates included 50 gigabytes of data traffic and a current cost of 7.99 euros or 9.99 euros per month. Tim announced that he has already alerted affected customers through:

  • SMS;
  • Dedicated IVR (technology that allows users to interact with Tim with voice menus);
  • official website in the “News and Contractual Changes” section;
  • Customer Service 119.

How to oppose the increase in tariffs Tim
Of course, it is not mandatory to accept Tim’s rate increase. Customers who want to oppose, in fact, can exercise their right of withdrawal by March 31, 2022. How? Through one of these ways:

  • going to a Tim store;
  • by contacting Customer Service at number 119;
  • by sending the cancellation form on Tim’s website;
  • by sending a registered letter with a return receipt.

Furthermore, it is possible to change the telephone operator without paying additional costs and it is also possible to change the telephone operator, also in this case without paying additional costs. 

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