Freshdesk: quick and easy ticket management via WhatsApp

Freshdesk: quick and easy ticket management via WhatsApp

What is Freshdesk
Freshdesk is cloud software for assistance and customer support particularly suitable for the commercial back office and to manage the customer in the pre-sales, sales and after-sales phases. 

It is simple to use, intuitive, but also customizable according to your needs.

Features of Freshdesk
1. Efficient Ticketing: Prioritize, assign and resolve tickets with the best possible transparency

2. Channels to communicate with customers: Maintain conversations with your customers and partners on your site or app

3. Team Collaboration: Collaborate with other teams to solve problems in real-time

4. Marketplace: Availability of more than 300 business applications in the Marketplace or the ability to implement customized solutions based on your needs.

5. Self-Service Customer Support: Create a self-service portal with FAQs, knowledge bases, and community forums
Reports: Use reports to track metrics, detect problems, and improve them

Integration with Whatsapp
A very useful feature of Freshdesk is the integration with apps, especially with WhatsApp. This not only helps reduce request management times but allows multi-person management of tickets.

At the user level, everything is much simpler and faster: the customer can make a request directly from WhatsApp and the operator can respond directly from the Freshdesk portal.

Here is an example of an interface from WhatsApp and the Freshdesk portal:

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