Caritas of Jesolo Paese and the Municipality together: there is a warehouse for aid to Ukraine

Caritas of Jesolo Paese and the Municipality together: there is a warehouse for aid to Ukraine

Jesolo alongside the people affected by the war. The parish of St. John the Baptist has recently sent a letter to the Municipality of Jesolo asking for support in the management of the collection of basic necessities by Caritas, destined for all those in Ukraine who are facing the terrible consequences of the conflict.

The administration immediately took charge of the request, managing to give a concrete response to the needs expressed by the charity and the parish by identifying, thanks to Jesolo Patrimonio, a warehouse to be temporarily granted.

The investee company has identified a warehouse of approximately 400 square meters, entirely free. A space that can be accessed by trucks and forklifts, easily reachable through the main connecting arteries.

Here, Caritas volunteers will be able to arrange all the goods collected thanks to the generosity of individual citizens but also local companies that immediately showed their big hearts with various donations.

The charity is collecting basic necessities, food, and medicines. All the material collected and stored in the warehouse will then always be packed here and loaded on the vehicles that will leave for the war territories.

“We receive numerous requests for help every day but as many manifestations of willingness on the part of our fellow citizens and local businesses, ready to help those who are in difficulty in Ukraine or are fleeing the war territories, without distinction of nationality – declares the deputy mayor of City of Jesolo, Roberto Rugolotto – It is nice to see this mobilization, often spontaneous and silent.

But I had no doubts that Jesolo, once again, would be welcoming. Caritas, with its volunteers, is always at the forefront when it comes to helping those in difficulty and we have tried to give concrete support. We will continue to do so in all ways in which we can until the end of this humanitarian emergency »»».

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