The CV for commercial graduates – What to write The 7 Step

The CV for commercial graduates – What to write

Those looking for a first professional experience will immediately realize that the job market offers many opportunities in the commercial field, as all the professions related to the sales world are closely linked to the company business and therefore fundamental for the good performance of the company…

The CV

In general, with some exceptions, a specific degree is not required for this type of profession, but some transversal skills or soft skills are particularly important. Therefore, the CV of those looking for a first job in the commercial field must present a part dedicated to transversal skills or in a dedicated paragraph or in the description of any training, internship or extra-professional activities.

But what are the soft skills required for those who want to work in Ambio sales? Here are the main ones:

1. Ability to work by objectives: represents the ability to operate in view of the achievement of assigned numerical or qualitative targets. And those who have graduated well know how important it is to set monthly or half-yearly goals in order to reach the final goal.

2. Goal propensity: strictly connected to the previous skill, it represents the lever that pushes the person to work well. A strong focus and the constant desire to reach the finish line. Even a young recent graduate may have developed this competence during the university period, for example by managing to graduate within the established time frame with full marks.

3. Communication skills: not only the ability to speak correctly but, in this case, the ability to argue the benefits or advantages of a product or service, or even the ability to know how to communicate with different registers depending on the interlocutors. A good gab combined with the confidence of what you say. The university, the preparation of oral exams, and the experiences of volunteering, or work, in environments like a call center or the airport, just to name two that favor conversations with customers, can be an excellent gym to train this competence.

4. Relational skills: the ability to establish relationships and create long-term and empathic bonds is one of the fundamental requirements for those who want to grow in this profession. Creating a network, retaining customers, finding new ones is the ABC of the commercial role. If you are part of any association, project, or group it is good to highlight it in your CV.

5. Negotiation: it is the most complex skill, but also the one that reveals the true commercial nature. It represents the ability to research and use negotiation margins to achieve the result, finding new alternatives and agreements.

6. Ambition: an indispensable requirement for working in this area, it represents the desire to move the bar higher and higher.

7. Stress resistance: those who work in the commercial sector can receive many gratifications, but at the same time they are subject to strong stress, due to the pressures that come from the company to achieve the objectives. Only those with good stress tolerance can work in this function.

Some of these skills, such as negotiation, are difficult to express in the CV and emerge during the interview, while others, such as the tension towards the goal, can be clearly highlighted in the curriculum, providing concrete examples of the situations in which they are deployed. . These situations may refer to the university period, to internship experiences or even to extra-professional activities.

In addition to soft skills, companies looking for recent graduates for commercial roles may require special linguistic and IT skills. It is therefore good to mention in the curriculum any linguistic or IT certifications obtained and highlight all training or internship experiences carried out abroad.

Finally, for some roles, the availability to travel or even the availability to use one’s own means of transport is required. We, therefore, indicate in the CV our willingness to travel, the driving licenses we possess, and whether we have a car.

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