Telegram channels: How to find Telegram channels

How to find Telegram channels

Telegram channels: Unlike other instant messaging apps and services, Telegram offers its users not only the possibility of chatting with other users but also that of being able to subscribe to channels. e. joining conversations in which a single person posts messages and is followed by other users.

This possibility is very interesting, as it allows you to stay constantly updated on the topics, characters, and services of your interest. At this point, a question arises quite spontaneously: how to find Telegram channels? The answer is obvious: looking for them through the app of the famous service for smartphones, tablets, as well as from computers.

Having said that, to find out in detail how to act, continue reading my guide entirely dedicated to the subject. In the following chapters, in fact, you will find indicated, in a simple but at the same time detailed way, how to carry out the operation in question through Telegram for smartphones and tablets, as well as from PCs, using the desktop application for Windows and macOS or even using the Web version of the service. You will see that, by following my instructions in detail, you will succeed in the intent in a very simple way. Enjoy the reading!

How to search for Telegram channels

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Before explaining to you how to find Telegram channels I have to make some clarifications regarding the possibilities at your disposal to succeed in this intent.

In fact, as anticipated, i Telegram channels are conversations in which, unlike the group’s users can only view the text and/or multimedia contents that are published by the owner and any other administrators, being able to interact in a limited way.

A distinction must then be made between channels public and channels private. The former can be sought by anyone and everyone can join them. THE private channels instead, cannot be certified: To join you must be added directly by the creators or you must have an invitation link.

Taking into account the differentiation just made, in the following chapter I will deal with explaining how to find the public channels precisely because they are the ones that can be freely searched for by users. As regards the private channels I’ll tell you, instead, what to do when you receive an invitation or when you get the relative access link.

Having made the necessary premises, let’s now come to the real heart of the matter and let’s go, therefore, to find out how to find public Telegram channels acting from smartphone and tablet (i.e. using apps for Android And iOS / iPadOS) and from a computer using the client for Windows And macOS or the web version of the service. You can find everything explained in detail right below.

How to find Telegram channels on Android / iOS

Telegram channels: How to find Telegram channels ©AranzullaFor search for Telegram channels from smartphones and tablets, start the messaging app on your device and, on the main screen, press the magnifying glass icon top right.

Once this is done, type the first name of the channel of your interest and wait for the corresponding results to appear in the global search. Pigia then on the first name of the channel you want to view and to which you wish to subscribe, to see the messages contained within.

In this regard, I would like to point out that you can also search for specific contents within the channel (even as a non-subscriber), by pressing on the I cona (…) at the top right, then on the button Near and typing the relative keyword in the search field that you see appear.

If the channel you have found is what you were looking for, you just have to press the button Join located below, to subscribe to the channel and receive notifications regarding the contents that are published.

How to find Telegram channels on PC?

Telegram PC channels
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Let’s see now how to find Telegram channels from a computer using the desktop client for Windows and macOS or Telegram Web.

To accomplish this, all you have to do is start the application or desktop client of Telegram on your computer by looking for the messaging service in the list of installed programs.

Alternatively, you can log in to Telegram Web scan the QR code via the app for smartphones and tablets and then connect your device from the menu Settings> Devices> Connect Desktop Device.

With that done, click the search field located in the upper left and type the first name of the channel you are interested in. Next, click on the relevant result from the list of suggestions that is shown to you and you will be able to view all the contents published by the channel.

You can also search for specific content within the channel (without necessarily having to subscribe). To do this, click on magnifying glass located in the upper right part and type the keyword of reference.

Finally, if you want to join the channel, click on the button Join Channel which is located at the top.

How to find secret Telegram channels

How to find secret Telegram channels
Telegram channels: How to find Telegram channels ©Aranzulla

You would like to know how to find secret Telegram channels? In this case, you must take into consideration that, as anticipated, I private Telegram channels such, they cannot be searched for as explained in the previous chapters.

To be identifiable and, therefore, to subscribe to them, the creator of the channel or one of the administrators must invite the other users through direct invitation or by sending a specific invitation link.

Therefore, if you have been invited to subscribe to a channel Telegram private, you will be automatically added to it. If, on the other hand, you will be sent the link for the invitation you must first press on the connection received and then on the button Join the channel, to subscribe to the channel. Easy, right?

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