Sustainable to the tip of your toes: here are the green socks brands!

The green socks brands!

Here is a list of sustainable socks brands … To be truly sustainable from head to toe!

You know when grandmothers used to mend socks? It was a common practice: everyone sitting around the fire patched up clothes and closed holes and holes. Today I have no idea how many people have ever picked up a needle and thread to sew a hole on a sock… you first throw it away and buy a couple of new ones. To not then talk about pantyhose: they are very delicate, they unravel easily and you can only throw them away. Where is it? In the dry, it is not recyclable, like 99% of textile fibers. And what if there were brands that work with sustainable materials and that also pay attention to the wear of their garments or that recover them once they have been stopped? Here’s a little list of sustainable brands who work paying attention to the environment and to those who live there!

Why choose sustainable brands (yes, even for socks!)

As you know, for years now I have been trying to spread the message that dressing sustainably is easier than you think and that it is worth investing in quality pieces that last over time. With garments such as linen and stockings, this is even more valid: they are particularly subject to wear and therefore to wear out. Therefore, if they are made in fibers that can be recycled or regenerated or if they are made to last, it is a huge boon to the planet.

Sustainable socks brand: CasaGIN


CasaGIN is a Paduan brand of underwear, homeware, sportswear, and socks all made in Italy with certified fibers and strictly controlled processes, from raw materials to shelf products. The socks are made of eucalyptus viscose or GOTS certified cotton and exist for women, men, and children.

Sustainable sock brand: Swedish Stockings

Swedish brand that makes tights with regenerated material and which has a system for recovering old tights to then be able to regenerate them.

Sustainable socks brand: Rifò


Rifò is an Italian brand specializing in regenerated wool and cashmere, a wonderful example of the circular economy. Rifò’s cashmere socks, available for women and men, derive from old pieces of cashmere recovered, recorded, and trimmed, to create a truly new zero-impact yarn.

Sustainable socks brand: Colorful standard

It is an English company that produces sustainable clothing in which we also find solid and colorful socks and socks, in certified yarn.

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