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If you want to know how to increase business productivity, read this article because I will tell you a short story that has just that purpose:

make you understand how often our habits seem to be the best thing, but in reality, they only complicate our life!

Let’s begin…

You know the parrot pliers? It is the one in the photo next to it.

Even if you are not familiar with DIY and various jobs, in my opinion, you have sometimes used it or in any case, you have seen it used.

When I was a kid, for a long time it was practically the only tool at my disposal and I knew how to use it (mine was red, I still remember it).

What’s special about it? In fact nothing, except that it is a really useful tool. Thanks to it, in fact, I was able to do a bit of everything. Large, small screws, tubes…. In short, using it, I really had the idea of ​​having everything I needed to do my jobs.

I remember, for example, that I disassembled the scooter. Perhaps there was to change the thread of the clutch or to change some piece that would have enormously increased the top speed (1 or 2 km/hour more usually ….), or that would have given a look much more suitable to attract the attention of school girls.

In short, I spent whole afternoons there. There was no time available. It was the money to take him to the mechanic that was missing. And then full speed ahead with the only tool at my disposal, and the only one I imagined existed. Sometimes in the evening, I found myself with some leftover parts, but in the end, somehow the moped went.

One more moment and we get there. Let me add the final piece of this little autobiographical memory.

One afternoon, which I had decided to dedicate to some fundamental change to my motor (new muffler, carburetor jet, or similar), I find the garage next to mine open and my neighbor inside who was doing some of his own. work.

He was a very nice gentleman and I liked him. He saw me fiddling with my parrot pliers and came to see what I was up to. He greeted me, smiled and said: “Roberto, look that there are also other tools, much more comfortable and specific ..”.

He went into his garage and went out with what for me at that moment was a “magic box”; a box full of instruments of all kinds and shapes (many of which have never been seen before), he took some and explained to me how to use them to do my jobs .. Result?

Job execution time was halved!

An unprecedented success.

Now the reason for this story should begin to be clearer, right?

Probably you too, with your company, find yourself in many respects, in the situation in which I was with my scooter.

You may not even know it, but you continue to carry out many of the activities necessary to conduct your business with methods and tools that you have always used and therefore are the best for you.

Maybe you manage emails with web interfaces or programs that do not help you manage these now so numerous and important communications or,

you still mark your appointments somewhere, often without being able to automatically share them with your colleagues and without being able to assign them to customers or,

you spend time deciding how to organize your system of folders and subfolders on your PC to try to sort out the huge amount of files or,

you waste a lot of time setting up communications that often, precisely because they take a long time, are not really done, and so on ..

In short, you too most likely use your “parrot pliers”, that is tools you are used to, more or less suitable for carrying out your classic activities. The problem is that these tools, even if they seem comfortable and effective to you, often subtract precious time from other more specific activities and greater added value for your business.

The ones that can make the difference between you and your competitors, that can REALLY help you increase your profits!

Are there alternatives? Is there a “magic box” that allows you to do the same things in half the time and more comfortably even for your profession? Of course yes!


Here’s how to increase business productivity
Today, thanks to technology, there are fantastic tools that allow you to manage your emails, phone calls, appointments, activities, documents with a single interface, in short, everything that makes your work “spin”, in a very more efficient (and also effective).

You may be wondering at this point if substitutes for your “parrot clamp” are within your reach. And maybe you’re thinking: ” yes of course, but I don’t have all this money to spend on tools … I’m already jumping through hoops to keep the hut going … let alone … “

I have two pieces of news for you: One good and one (potentially) bad.

1) Nice news:

We are at a time where there are fantastic productivity tools, at absolutely affordable figures. You don’t need particularly high budgets. Often it is sufficient to reduce some generally fixed costs (eg: telephony, energy, connectivity), to recover the figures needed to activate them. And if you want we can help you with this too.

2) (potentially) bad news:

If you do not decide to abandon your “parrot pliers” and get help from someone experienced in productivity, who can guide you in choosing the best tools, specific to your profession, your needs, and taking into account your availability, you’re fired!

If you don’t immediately start dealing with how to increase business productivity, managing the time of the main activities of your profession in the best possible way, the effort you do today is destined to increase until it becomes unsustainable.

All your time will be eaten by businesses that aren’t recognized as important by either your customers or your checking account.

You will NEVER have time to train and increase your professionalism so that you can be recognized as a point of reference in your sector and maybe even beat the competition .. you will NEVER have time to make the change that your professional needs!

To conclude and summarize

The survival first and then the prosperity of your business today is increasingly linked to the ability you have to organize yourself in the best possible way and thus devote most of your time to value-added activities, eliminating or reducing useless and unprofitable activities (think what they might be).

In order to do this, you have to make an effort and abandon your “parrot pliers” and then equip yourself as soon as possible with specific productivity tools for your profession; there are several and they have an absolutely affordable cost.

To choose the right tools, and perhaps find a way to recover the money you need to have them by reducing some general costs, you need to get help from specialized experts on how to increase business productivity, who will be able to advise you the best after a careful analysis.

I hope I have made the idea well.

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