Pair Smart TV: What to do if it doesn’t work ©digitaleterrestrefacile

What to do if it doesn’t work. Pair Smart TV

mediaset play infinity is not working
Pair Smart TV: What to do if it doesn’t work ©digitaleterrestrefacile

The Mediaset Play Infinity service has arrived! Mediaset’s new streaming platform. But what to do if it doesn’t work on your PC, or on your smartphone, or on your TV?

Let’s see together with the expert how to solve it quickly and easily, for example, to associate the app to the Smart TV.


Mediaset Play Infinity is the new platform in streaming and on-demand by Mediaset which offers in one place all the free contents of Mediaset Play and the paid ones of Infinity.


But what if switching to the new app or new site doesn’t work on your device? Here are the expert’s solutions.


Compatible devices

First, check that the new app and the Mediaset Play Infinity are compatible with your devices. Here is a detailed list:

    • PC and MAC (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge browser);
    • Smartphone And Tablet (Apple, Android, Huawei)

        • iOS version 11.0 and later

        • Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) and later

        • Huawei

 Smart TV and decoder:

    • Console games:
        • Nvidia Shield
        • Razer Forge


In the coming months, Mediaset will also release compatible apps for Playstation and for Sony and Panasonic smart TVs.


If your device is listed in the app or the new site of Mediaset Play Infinity It should work.



paired devices mediaset play infinity
Pair Smart TV: What to do if it doesn’t work ©digitaleterrestrefacile


Register or use an Infinity or Mediaset Play account

If you already have the credentials of a Mediaset Play or Infinity account (or also for other Mediaset services such as Tgcom24, Sport Mediaset, or Le Irene), you can use them to access the new platform.


If, on the other hand, you do not yet have a Mediaset online services account, you must record. To do this, do this:


    • Click on the button Log in from the site or on the button Personal area from the app;
    • Then click on the item Sign in from the Login window;
    • Enter your email address, name, password, date of birth;
    • To take advantage of some interactive features such as the televoting surname, place of birth, and gender are also required, but you can also skip entering these data;
    • Accepts the conditions of the service and the privacy policy;
    • After a few minutes you will receive an e-mail to confirm the registration by clicking on the button Activate Account;
    • Now the account is active and you can log in by entering your email and password if you want to buy a paid service you can enter the payment method.


To use the platform without limitations you have to find yourself on the Italian territory. You can see the paid content even if you are in a member country of the European Union and have activated one of the channels Channel for a fee like Infinity +.


associate smart tv mediaset play infinity
Pair Smart TV: What to do if it doesn’t work ©digitaleterrestrefacile

Pair a Smart TV device

But if the new platform Play Infinity does not work yet? You must know that with an account of the new platform you can associate in addition to the PC up to a maximum of 4 devices at the same time.

Once the first 4 devices have been paired, to pair a new one you must first delete one from the list. They can be associated with a maximum of 9 devices in one year.


For associate the Mediaset Play Infinity app to one Smart TV:

    • Search the store of your compatible device for the app Mediaset Play Infinitydownload and install it;
    • tune in one of the Mediaset channels (on DTT or Tivùsat) to prompt you to press the key Up arrow remote control
    • clicking on the button activates the Mini TV App and you can browse Mediaset content while continuing to follow your favorite TV channel.


To do Login on your Smart TV:

    • select Login / Login in the side menu of the Smart TV app or from the section my lists from the Mini TV App;
    • enter the code you see on TV at the website indicated.


You can pair your device without entering your username/email and password e you can log in automatically with the same account you use on the site or app Mediaset Play Infinity for smartphone or tablet.


By accessing the associated platform you can see, even on your TV, your personal lists to find I faster your favorite shows and continue watching the videos you have stopped from any device on which you have logged in with your credentials.


How to activate and change the PIN


To confirm a rental of content and enable the purchase of paid content, or to set the function of the Parental Control you have to set the numeric code of the PIN.

This 4-digit code you are asked for in the first registration phase. You will then need the PIN created for both purchase protection and parental control.


The sections of the platform Change PIN And Child Protection are in fact protected by a PIN and you must enter it before accessing it.

Initially, the PIN enabling purchase protection is switched off. If you buy a Channel or rent a movie you are not prompted for the PIN.


However, you can set the PIN to be able to authorize purchases. Login to toUser Area in the section Purchase Protection where you can change the purchase protection setting to ON: in this case, by clicking on a Channel or to rent content, a pop-up will appear requesting the PIN to be entered.


If you forget your PIN code, you can retrieve it, change it or, if you wish, even deactivate it. Enter the User Area and access the Purchase Protection section and follow the instructions in the pop-up.

    • Reset Pin: click on Change PIN and follow the instructions in the pop-up window to receive your new PIN by email.
    • Change Pin: go to the Change PIN section, enter your current PIN, and then you can set your new PIN.
    • Deactivate or reactivate the PIN: from the User Area in the Purchase Protection section, you can change the setting for the purchase protection to ON. It is not possible to remove the parental control PIN request, but you can choose which content to PIN protect directly from the profiles you have created.

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