iPhone charging: How to see iPhone charging cycles

 How to see iPhone charging cycles

Lately the performance of the battery of your iPhone they seem decidedly decreased and, in particular, you notice a clear decrease in its autonomy: you are aware that this element is not immortal, and that despite all the precautions that can be implemented to optimize its performance And increase its duration its full functionality begins to degrade significantly after a certain number of charging cycles which varies according to the model of the iOS device in your possession.

As you may already know, a recharging cycle corresponds to complete use of the battery, therefore it may take several recharging sessions to create one: to give a trivial example, charging your “iPhone by” for two consecutive days when it is at 50% of maximum capacity you will get a full charge cycle.

At this point, however, you are particularly curious to quantify the data in question, and possibly compare it with the indications on the health of the battery (which you can easily obtain as I show you in this guide), but you are currently unable to locate a feature or app that can provide you with this information. Don’t worry, the solution is just a click away: in fact, you just need to take a few minutes to read this guide to find out how to see iPhone charging cycles. So, are you ready? Perfect, in this case, I just have to wish you a good continuation!

How to check iPhone charging cycles

iphone settings analysis and improvements
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The first method I would like to advise you is the one that allows you to obtain the information in question from settings from iOS. As you will see shortly, this solution is not particularly intuitive, but by carefully following the instructions I am about to give you, you will be able to understand how to check the iPhone charging cycles without any problem.

To start, unlock your device, then go to the menu of Settings present in Home Screen (the one with the symbol of gear), and press the option Privacy. To follow, scroll to the next screen and touch the item Analysis and improvements located at the bottom.

At this point, verify that the functions related to Share iPhone Analytics, Share with the developers, And Improve Siri and Dictation are active, otherwise touch the respective button to bring up Hon the selector: if you had to make this change, consider that you will have to wait at least 24 hours so that the system starts recording the information relating to the recharging cycles in a special log.

Once that’s done, press your voice Analysis data present there, then use the search field located at the top of the new screen and type the wording in it log-aggregated: in this way, only the system files that show the aforementioned terms in the nomenclature will be filtered.

iPhone aggregated log file search and export
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Now, locate the log-aggregated file with the extension IPS which shows the latest system date, and tap it to view its contents. Finally, to locate the string that shows the indication of the charging cycles, I suggest you export the entire file to be able to consult it more easily and possibly use the search functions offered by a specific software suitable for reading system files.

To proceed in this sense, therefore, press the symbol of an arrow coming out of a square located at the top right and choose the preferred export mode based on the options made available by your device: for example, you can proceed using the function AirDrop or by sending an email with the app Mail.

At this point all you have to do is go to your computer and open the file you just shared, an operation that you can safely perform through the system programs Block notes if you are using a Windows PC, or TextEdit if you have a Mac.

batterycyclecount string to iPhone log-aggregator file
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Once you have started your favorite editing software and opened the log-aggregator file there, use the search function integrated in it and type the wording BatteryCycleCount: this will send you directly to the string concerned, under which there is an indication of the total and updated number of recharges performed on your iPhone.

App to see iPhone charging cycles

iMazing app reload cycle count
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You were not particularly comfortable with the procedure outlined in the previous chapter and, therefore, would you like to be able to refer to an alternative solution? Well, in that case, it is possible to get the information through some app to see iPhone charging cycles.

In essence, it is about utility developed specifically to manage the iPhone, but in this guide, I would like to tell you specifically about iMazing the basic version of which is free and which, moreover, is compatible with both PCs Windows starting with version 7 and with macOS from version 10.10. I haven’t found valid solutions working directly from iOS, so if you don’t want to use the computer I suggest you follow the instructions I gave you first.

To get iMazing, connect to the official website of the application and press the button Download related to the operating system you have: if it is Windows downloaded file will have the extension EXEand just double-click on it in the default download folder to start installing the program, which is particularly simple: just press the button Forward accept I term of the license agreement and press the button three more times Forward. Then click the button Install to start the operation, at the end of which you will have to press the button end.

If, on the other hand, you have a Mac, the downloaded file will have the extension DMG: after opening it, just drag its icon into the folder of the Applications from the appropriate screen to have it immediately available.

The amazing home screen proposes the purchase of one license (with costs starting from € 44.99 one-off for the management of up to three devices) which allows you to unlock various Premium features of the software: to continue with the basic version, free and more than enough for your purpose, press the button Continue testing located at the top right.

This will take you to the main interface of the program. At this point, you have to connect your iPhone to a computer with the appropriate cable USB / Lightning. If you do not have a port of this kind on your PC you will necessarily have to equip yourself, depending on the interfaces present on the latter, of a USB-C to Lightning cable, and possibly also of a USB-C / USB A adapter easily available for a few euros also on Amazon.



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Once this is done, authorizes the program to access the iPhone memory using the appropriate button, confirming the intention also on the mobile device itself by inserting the relative unlock code.

On a Mac, you may also need to authorize the computer itself to access device data by pressing the iPhone icon inside the left panel of the Finder and pressing the voice Authorize in the respective screen. Next, choose whether to immediately make a backup of the device, or whether to postpone the operation by clicking on the item Later.

The iMazing interface, at this point, will immediately show the various functions related to the management of the iPhone in its central section. On the right, however, you will find the panel with the Device details. Next to the aforementioned wording is the symbol (the); pressing it will expand a dialog box in which there is a long series of information relating to the device, which you will simply have to scroll down to locate the item Battery charging cycles: in correspondence with the latter you will find the relative number of events.

If you would like to consider an alternative to iMazing, you can also consider using CoconutBattery: please note, however, that the application is only compatible with Mac computers equipped with macOS 10.12 Sierra or later. 

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