Instagram stories: How to put music in Instagram stories

How to put music in Instagram stories

Instagram stories:
Your favorite social network is Instagram a platform that you appreciate for the possibility of creating stories in which to share different moments of your day. You have been using this feature for some time, but you have realized that you do not know how to take full advantage of it yet. For example, you would like to know how to put music in Instagram stories in order to share the music you listen to the most with your friends, but you have not been able to find an answer to your doubts.

If this is the case, don’t worry: I can explain to you how to do this, through the use of the official Instagram app for Android or iOS. This, in fact, allows you to record videos or take photos and add background music, quickly and easily, through the use of a specific tool integrated into the stories. In addition to this, I will also tell you about third-party applications to use to enrich your stories, including streaming music apps.

I anticipate that all the solutions that I will provide you in this tutorial refer only to Android and iOS devices and cannot be used on PC. If, therefore, the topic interests you and you would like to know more, continue reading: you will find everything explained below. Happy reading and have fun!

How to put music on Instagram stories

How to put music on Instagram stories
Instagram stories. Copyright ©: Aranzulla

The native solution for put music in Instagram stories involves the use of adhesive Music available in the Instagram app’s Stories editor for Android And iOS.

To use it and add background music to a photo or video, launch the Instagram app, Log in to your account (if necessary), and swipe from left to right to launch the story creation tool.

At this point, record a video or take a photo using the round button below, or import an item from your device’s gallery (just like you usually do for creating the stories on Instagram).

Once this is done, click on the icon square smiley face top right and then on the sticker Music, in the menu that is shown to you. So, search or select the piece of music of your interest and, if you want to change the playback sequence, press the icon of timeline located at the bottom, in order to move the cursor to the part of the song that interests you (for example, at the moment of the chorus).

Finally, click on the button end and, when you are ready to publish the story, click on the button Your story is located at the bottom.

How to put music on multiple Instagram stories

How to put music in Instagram stories
Instagram stories Credits: Aranzulla

Would you put music on multiple Instagram stories? In that case, don’t worry – you have more than one solution to do it.

You can use the adhesive Music mentioned in the previous chapter and add one or more pieces of music to all the stories you intend to make or, alternatively, if you want to have the piece of music of your choice continue for a sequence of multiple stories, you can use a streaming music app (ex. Spotify or Amazon Music) to start and then stop playing a song while recording your social content, so you have more control over the music and the length of the song to use as the background of the entire sequence.

For more information on how to do this, please refer to the next chapter of this tutorial.

How to put music on Instagram stories without a sticker

How to put music on Instagram stories without a sticker
Instagram stories Credits: Aranzulla

If your intent is to put music in Instagram stories without the Music sticker solution I propose is to make use of an app for playing music in streaming, such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, or Apple Music.

For my example, I will use Spotify, which in its free plan allows you to listen to music in random mode only (except for some selected playlists that offer total freedom of reproduction) and with occasional interruptions with commercials. To use the full version of the service, you need to activate a subscription to Spotify Premium starting at € 9.99 / month after the first 30 days of a free trial.

Having clarified this, if you still want to proceed with this intent, start the streaming app you prefer on your device, log in or register for the service, and, on its main screen, press the button to Research (on Spotify the symbol of a magnifying glass). Then type the title of a song or the name of an artist, and then tap on the corresponding search result.

Then locate the song you are interested in playing and tap on it. Have you played the song you like and now you want to know how to add it to Instagram stories? It’s very simple: pause the playback of the song by pressing the ❚❚ button, then start the Instagram app and open the story creation tool, swiping from left to right on the main screen.

Now you have to activate the playback of the music piece of your choice: to do it Android use the ▶ key located in the Control notification for content playback (you can access it with a swipe from top to bottom).

On iOSinstead, swipe from the top right corner of the screen down (or from the bottom of the screen – starting from the center – up, if you’re using an iPhone with a physical Home button) to see the Control Center of iOS and presses the button with the ▶ symbol.

At this point, go back to the Instagram app and start recording a video from the stories by pressing on the round button in the center. When finished recording, pause the song using the inspection notification (on Android) or the Control Center (on iOS) by pressing the button with the symbol ❚❚. The final result will be an Instagram story with the song started on the smartphone as background music.

At this point, press the button Your story, to share the video made within your stories. If you are not sure how Instagram stories work and you want some clarification about it, read my tutorial dedicated.

App to put music in Instagram stories

Instagram stories Credits: Aranzulla

Alternatively, if you want to put music videos on Instagram stories, you can record the screen of your smartphone while a music video is playing (in order to capture a piece of it) and then edit the obtained movie using apps dedicated to video editing. If you don’t know how to record the screen on your smartphone, read my guide dedicated to the topic.

After that, as far as editing the recorded videos is concerned, for example, to add captivating effects to them, you can make use of some apps such as those listed below.

  • In short (Android/iOS / iPadOS): it is one of the best known and most appreciated free apps for video editing. It can be used for editing a previously recorded video and also has a tool for inserting a song as background music. The edited movie can be exported for free but a watermark is applied to it, which can be removed for free with each use. You can also buy the version Pro of the app (starting from € 3.99 per month) which guarantees unlimited access to all video editing tools, but also to effects, stickers, and various other tools for the aesthetic personalization of videos. I told you in detail about this app in my tutorial dedicated to the app to add music to videos and in the one on video editing app: I recommend that you read them both to find out more.
  • Adobe Premiere Rush (Android/iOS / iPadOS): it is an excellent app for video editing on smartphones and tablets as it is the mobile counterpart of the well-known program Adobe Premiere Pro for PC, one of the editing programs more famous. Among its most important features for creating and editing videos, there is the useful one for adding background music, as well as allowing you to add writings, effects, and much more with professional results. For unlimited use, it is necessary to take out a subscription with costs starting from € 5.49 / month.
  • iMovie (iOS / iPadOS): if you have an Apple device it is the best choice, as it is the counterpart for smartphones and tablets of the homonymous software for macOS. Its use is definitely functional to video editing with the addition of music and making use of it is possible in a simple and immediate way.

The videos recorded with these apps can then be saved locally on the smartphone memory or exported directly to Instagram. If you don’t know how videos are uploaded to the famous social network, read my tutorial in which I’ll explain step by step how to proceed.

In my tutorial on apps to make videos with photos and music furthermore, you can find other apps useful for your purpose and detailed information about their operation.

Instagram stories: How to put music in Instagram stories.

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