Epson Scan: How to Download Epson Scan

 How to Download Epson Scan

You recently came into possession of a scanner or an all-in-one printer produced by the historic and prestigious brand Epson. You have proceeded to perform the connection to your PC but you later realized that essential software is still missing to perform the scans, that is Epson Scan.

Well, you must know that the program in question is available in two versions, namely Epson Scan and Epson Scan 2, which, however, to function correctly must work in association with the appropriate TWAIN drivers, respectively 32 and 64 bit. Don’t worry, though: you absolutely won’t have to worry about this aspect as the solutions I’m about to export automatically check the software suitable for your operating system.

Having made these opportune premises, the time has come to move on to the facts: in the next paragraphs, therefore, I will illustrate to you how to download Epson Scan on your PC, after which I will show you some particular mobile solutions developed by Epson to scan documents and photos via the app. Are you ready? Perfect, at this point, I just have to wish you good reading and a good continuation!

How to download Epson Scan from PC

epson scanner connected to the computer
Epson Scan: How to Download Epson Scan

For starters I’ll show you how to download Epson Scan from PCshowing you the main methods made available by the famous Japanese technology solutions company for both Windows and for macOS: in the next chapters, therefore, you will be able to choose between the direct download of the software from the Epson official website or the one that can be implemented using the utility Epson Software Updater.

Epson website

printer model search from Epson website
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The simplest and most functional way to download the Epson Scan software, suitable for both Windows PCs and Macs, is undoubtedly to go to the driver and software download area on the manufacturer’s official website.

So to start, connect with your browser preferred to the main page of the Epson website and presses on the voice Support located at the top of the main menu. Then press the button Product Setup and Driver present there and, on the following page, type the template of the printer or scanner you have and click on the result which is contextually shown to you a little further down.

epson scan download from site
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Once this is done, in the next step verify that the operating system detected is correct, otherwise, modify it from the appropriate drop-down menu located on the right to make sure that the respective available software is loaded, then press the item below Drivers and software and press the symbol [+] next to the option Driver to expand its content.

Here you will find the list of software suitable for your chosen operating system, including Epson Scan: if, on the other hand, you are trying to achieve how to download Epson Scan 2 but you do not see this option among those available, probably the program in question is not compatible or is not appropriate for the specifications of your computer.

At this point, all you have to do is press on the arrow located to the right of the entry Epson Scan (if you notice the presence of multiple versions, obviously choose the most recent one by checking the release date) in order to view the detailed information relating to the program in question, then click on the button Download which appears at the bottom right: by doing so, the executable will be downloaded to the computer at the same time.

Once you have finished downloading the data, go to the default download folder and start the installation: if you have a PC with Windows double-click the file epson[versione].exe and wait for the extraction of the content, then press the button Yup in the window that is shown to you and in the following step presses the button Next.

Now, check the box for the acceptance of the conditions of use and click the button again Next: you just have to wait a few moments for the operation to complete, at the end of which you just have to press the button end to start enjoying the software.

If, on the other hand, you have an Apple computer with macOS downloaded file will have the extension DMG: once opened you will need to double click on the file PKG inside to start the installation, so you will need to press the button twice Allow and then press the button Keep it going also accepting the software license agreement.

To conclude, press the button Install, enter the system password and wait for the installation procedure to complete, which you will be notified by a special dialog box. As you will see, the Epson Scan interface is very simple and intuitive: in fact, once the automatic device detection (the latter, of course, must already be switched on and connected to Wi-Fi or via cable) you can easily configure the various scan options defining in the first place whether it is a photo or a document. In the end, all you have to do is press the button Acquire to start the process.

Epson Software Updater

epson software updater utility interface
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If you want to automatically monitor the presence of software updates useful for managing your Epson printing and/or scanning device (including, therefore, also Epson Scan), in this case, I recommend that you install the program on your computer Epson Software Updater: it is, in essence, a tool, compatible only with PCs equipped with a Windows operating system, which periodically checks the release of the new driverutility And documentation of various kinds (such as the user guide) by immediately notifying their availability.

If you have not yet installed it, to obtain it you just need to follow the same steps outlined in the previous chapter: after entering the printer or scanner model in the appropriate support page of the Epson site and verifying the correspondence of the operating system on the next screen, however, this time you will have to access the menu Product Setup within the section Drivers and Software.

Inside there will also be the option Epson Software Updater: you can proceed to download the program in question simply by pressing the respective arrow located on the right and pressing the button Download which will be shown to you at the same time.

Once the executable has been downloaded, double-click on the file with the extension EXE in the default download folder to extract its contents, then accept the terms of use by clicking on the appropriate box in the new window and pressing the start installation button present there.

Once the procedure is finished, the program will start automatically and will first be necessary to select your device using the appropriate function located in the upper part of its interface. The printer (or scanner) must of course already have been connected to the PC.

Once this is done, the software will start querying Epson systems to check the availability of new software, which will be shown in the sections below. Essential product updates (in which Epson Scan will also be present, generically indicated as Driver Scanner) And Useful software.

To proceed with the installation, therefore, simply select the aforementioned item Driver Scanner by placing the checkmark in the relevant box and pressing the button Install elements located at the bottom right: you will be prompted to accept the terms of use of the software, after which the procedure will be carried out automatically.

How to download Epson mobile scanner apps

epson iPrint app scan interface
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If you are wondering how to download Epson mobile scanner app consider that the famous Japanese company has made different applications suitable for this purpose, some of which, however, are compatible only with certain devices.

If you have one Epson multifunction printer best solution you can refer to is undoubtedly Epson imprint available for Android (also check on alternative stores if your smartphone or tablet does not have Google services) e iOS / iPadOS: as regards its use, you can easily refer to the instructions contained in this article.

If you have one scanner produced by a Japanese multinational, however, you have to use the app Epson DocumentScanwhich is available for devices Android And iOS / iPadOS. However, consider that the latter is supported by some scanner models only which you can find in this list (therefore, let me point out immediately that it is not compatible with all-in-one printers).

To have it immediately available you simply need to press the button Install / Get present on the links I have just reported to you (on iPhone / iPad you will also be asked to verify your identity via Face IDTouch ID, or Apple ID password). Once started with a tap on the icon of her in Home Screentherefore, you will have to connect to the scanner by pressing on the item Scan and then on the preferred connection option (network or manual) and follow the steps of the relative procedure that will be proposed to you.

The other app I want to tell you about is Epson Fast Photo which allows you to scan your photos and store them on a mobile device Android or iOS / iPadOS only in conjunction with the wireless photo scanner Epson FastFoto FF-680W.

In conclusion, if you are particularly interested in learning more about mobile printing solutions compatible with Epson devices, I think you will find this mine particularly useful. dedicated guide in which I show you both the local and remote procedures.

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