4K HDR: How to watch 4K HDR Video on TV

How to watch 4K HDR Video on TV

We have a 4K HDR-compatible TV but we don’t know how to use it? Let’s see together how to see content with HDR.

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Yes, many modern TVs are available there HDR technology often accompanied by a very high resolution: in fact, we speak of 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) for most of the high-quality content broadcast from various sources, although there is no lack of HDR-only content (i.e. broadcast at 1080p but with HDR enabled).

This technology takes the quality of the video image to truly spectacular levels, to the point that it can be considered as revolutionary as the appearance of the first DVDs (which quickly outclassed VHS videotapes).

If we have a Smart TV compatible with HDR technology in the following guide we will show you how to view HDR content on your TV taking advantage of streaming services, apps, and channels that offer HDR content.

How to find out if the TV is HDR

We don’t know if our Smart TV is HDR compatible? In addition to checking the product data-sheet (by entering the precise model on Google) and checking the product packaging (where this function is usually well advertised), we can do a quick test using the YouTube app practically present on all Smart TVs.

We open the YouTube app on our TV and type in the search bar HDRso as to be able to open the 4K HDR content present on the famous video platform, many of which are provided as video testing for new generation TVs (such as video Real 4K HDR 60fps: LG Jazz HDR UHD).

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If at the beginning of the playback we see an HDR logo appear at the top right we will have the confirmation that the TV in our possession supports HDR technology and can play it from any source. One of the characteristics of HDR is precisely the impossibility of activating it manually: only by playing HDR content will we be sure of being able to start this type of content without problems.

On modern televisions, we often find the function Active HDR or similar names, which simulate the effect of HDR on broadcasts and standard quality content: our advice is to always disable it, as it rarely proves effective in improving the quality of standard content. True HDR is only available with content expressly referred to as HDR, i.e. processed with the dynamic color range from the recording itself or in post-production.

Services and apps with HDR

In addition to YouTube (used for our test), there are now many apps that offer support for HDR content so that we can make the most of the potential of the TV in our possession. The services and related apps with HDR content that we can take advantage of on Smart TVs are:

How easy it is to guess all 4K HDR or HDR content is only available by paying for a subscription or by paying for the purchase or rental of compatible movies. In fact, only the YouTube app offers free HDR content, even if only on testing videos: by opening the YouTube movie channel we can also find HDR movies but they are paid.

See HDR with other devices

Another effective way to view HDR content on a compatible Smart TV is Sky Q.

Sky Q
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By connecting the Sky Q decoder to the satellite dish and to the Internet we will be able to access HDR content broadcast live on Sky channels (by pressing the green button on the Sky remote control when the warning on 4K HDR overlay is shown) and also access HDR content on Netflix apps, Amazon Prime Video and other streaming services compatible.

If we have trouble viewing Sky Q’s HDR on the TV, we recommend that you carefully follow the steps described in Sky’s official guide to 4K HDRwhere it is shown what we need to use and what we need to configure on the TV to unlock the viewing of high dynamic range content.


Another method to access 4K HDR content is the game console many of which support HDR for compatible Blu-Ray, for the most popular streaming apps, and even for games (always if made in HDR).

HDR is currently available on consoles Sony PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox Series X, Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox Series S, and Microsoft Xbox One X. To activate it we will have to navigate through the graphics settings of the console and enable automatic HDR so that we can take advantage of it automatically without having to activate it every time.

Google Chromecast

Other devices that we can connect to the TV to see content in 4K HDR are the Chromecast Ultra and the Chromecast with Google TVable to interface with phone apps or take advantage of the apps included (in the Google TV version) and view movies and TV series broadcast in HDR.

Fire TV Stick 4K

As an alternative to Chromecast, we can take advantage of the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K the enhanced version of Amazon’s Fire TV capable of providing high processing speed, so you can play content in 4K HDR from the Amazon Prime Video app and other apps compatible with HDR content.

Apple TV 4K

The last device that we can connect to a Smart TV to view HDR content is the Apple TV 4K the TV box made by Apple on which you can install all the most famous streaming apps, make the most of the quality offered by the cHDR content present on Apple TV + and play HDR content by streaming it directly from the iPhone or iPad (using AirPlay).


HDR content makes TV series and movies much more beautiful: when we choose a new TV, make sure that HDR is always present in the product datasheet so that you can benefit from the technology. The smart operating system on the TV or by relying on one of the HDR-compatible devices.

If we have trouble typing HDR content names on the TV we can always connect one wireless keyboard and type with it, so as to correctly type the name of the TV series or movie we are trying to see in HDR.

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