How to upload photos to Instagram without losing quality

  How to upload photos to Instagram without losing quality

Using your reflex you have made some shots that you are very satisfied with. Finding the right framing and the correct lighting was certainly not easy, but the result was really worth it. Here, then, you have decided to upload the photo concerned about Instagram so that all your flowers could admire them. How to upload photos to Instagram without losing quality?

However, once the images have appeared on the well-known social network you have noticed that they seem totally unrecognizable due to the lowering of resolution and the dull colors they present after publication. So you started looking online for some suggestions on how to upload photos to Instagram without losing quality and you ended up on my site. Is that so? Very well: then know that you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

In this tutorial, in fact, I will provide you with some very simple “tips” that will allow you to improve the general quality of the photos you post on Instagram. Let me be clear: I do not promise miracles, but with these precautions, you will certainly obtain a more satisfactory result than the current one. I would say then that the time has come to take action, do you agree? Well, then I wish you a good read and a lot of fun!

How to upload photos to Instagram without losing quality: smartphones and tablets

You probably post your photos via the Instagram app for Android or iPhone therefore the indications to which you must refer are those that you find below.

Take specific measures

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It has happened to you several times to ask yourself why the images uploaded to Instagram often lose quality, right? Well, you must know that, at the time of writing, the famous social network of the group Half does not have a feature that makes it possible to load high-resolution photos. The maximum width of the images is 1080 pixels.

Also, if the width of the photo (in the case of posts) is included between 320 and 1080 pixels the original resolution but only if the aspect ratio is between 1.91: 1 And 4: 5. As for the height, the “supported” values ​​go 566 to 1350 pixels; however, the maximum width allowed is 1080 pixels (I’ll be back further on these points).

If the width of an image exceeds the aforementioned “threshold”, a graphic compression algorithm which involves an inevitable quality reduction general photo. Furthermore, the heavyweight allowed for images is 1.6 MB. The most obvious suggestion I can give you, in this case, is to use the default camera management application of your smartphone to take the shots, instead of the integrated shutter option on Instagram.

This is because, essentially, the default camera applications of devices generally have many more options available to adjust the various parameters (including resolution) of the photos taken than the “standard” option on Instagram. In my insights on photographing the stars with your phone And how to take professional photos, I have given you a lot of practical information on this.

If the resolution of the images you upload to Instagram exceeds the thresholds I have indicated, the application of the compression algorithm is inevitable. If you do not have the possibility to take photos with the dimensions indicated, you will have to “play in advance”, that is, make sure that the image taken has optimal quality.

Precisely for this reason avoid using zoom when you take a shot and try to hold the but no most stop possible. Of course, the use of one is also a crucial smartphone equipped with a performing photographic sector and able to allow manual adjustment of photographic parameters.

In this case, therefore, I think it may be useful to read my article dedicated to the best smartphones for taking pictures; however, a photographic lens of approx 8 Megapixels should already be enough to get optimal (and not too heavy) photos.

You can also use professional cameras like the Reflex, as long as you carefully select the various shooting parameters in order to avoid obtaining excessively heavy photos. Also it may happen that a larger initial size of the image corresponds to a higher degree of compression of the same and the consequent loss of quality.

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For all the details on the use of reflex cameras, I invite you to consult my dedicated tutorial in which I have provided you with all the relevant information. In addition, I also suggest you upload photos in JPEG since it is the default on Instagram (converting images from other formats would result in further loss of quality).

Also, if you have enabled the saving of data traffic for the loading content in the Instagram settings, make sure that the option for i is also activated high-resolution content. To do this, open the Instagram app press on your profile picture placed at the bottom right and, from here, go up ≡> Settings> Accounts> Mobile data usage and make sure next to the item High-resolution multimedia content the wording is shown Mobile + Wi-Fi (if not, click on the item itself and select the latter option).

When you upload a photo by creating a post on Instagram you have the opportunity to use the functional and complete editor integrated into the application. Therefore, I recommend that you use this tool to make the uploaded photo similar to the original one as much as possible by modifying its various visual parameters.

To use the editor I am talking about, once the Instagram app press the button [+] located at the top right and select the item Post. Then choose from Gallery the image you want to upload and press the → button at the top right. Now, tap on the item Edit located at the bottom left and, at this point, select one of the various parameters shown below to edit them.

If, for example, you choose the voice Sharpnessyou can move the indicator you see at the bottom right to increase this parameter. By selecting the item Contrastyou can decrease this parameter by moving the indicator to the left or increase it by moving the indicator to the right.

If you are not satisfied with a change, click on the item Cancel located at the bottom left. Repeat these steps for each of the various options in the editor and, once you are satisfied with the final result, tap the → button at the top right and, finally, finalize the publication by pressing the icon of the check at the top right.

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If you need further help a post content on Instagram, I refer you to my guide dedicated to the topic. As regards the stories instead, I would like to point out that at the moment there is no editing tool and you will have, therefore, to be satisfied with the shots as they are (and possibly apply some filters to the latter). Before uploading, you may still want to consider using some app to retouch photos you hate photo editing programs for PC.

Cropping photos

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Your smartphone has a camera that can only shoot “heavy” photos? Do you use a professional camera to take the shots to upload to Instagram? In this case, the best solution is to upload the already resized images “At the start” with applications or software capable of maintaining a good ratio between the compression and final qualitative yield.

In the previous chapter, I showed you the size to be taken into consideration regarding i post. You must also know that precisely in the case of post the optimal format for uploading to Instagram is “square” from 1080 pixels in height and 1080 pixels in width (with aspect ratio 1: 1).

As for, however, the photos depicting the landscapes the optimal size is 1080 pixels in width and 608 pixels in height (with aspect ratio 1: 91: 1). You are going to upload photos to the stories of Instagram optimally? In this case, the most suitable dimensions are 1080 pixels in width and 1920 pixels in height (with an aspect ratio of 9:16).

In this case, therefore, depending on the purpose (eg stories, posts with landscapes, etc.), you will have to keep in mind these parameters that I have just specified and resize the photos accordingly. For all specific instructions on how to resize photos for Instagram read my special guide, together with the one on how to resize photos in which I have recommended various valid solutions (both for smartphones and computers) to perform this operation.

How to upload photos to Instagram without losing quality: computer

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You usually use the Instagram site or the relative application for Windows and you are therefore wondering how to upload photos to Instagram without losing quality? In this case, all the solutions I gave you in the previous chapters remain valid.

Even on a computer, you have the option of resizing photos keeping in mind the ideal dimensions I told you about previously and, moreover, you also have the possibility to use the integrated graphic editor on the social network in question (only for post).

To use this tool, both from the site of Instagram an application aforementioned, once you have carried out the access to the social network (if necessary), press the button [+]which you see at the top right, click the button Select from your computer and choose the image that you intend to upload.

Once this is done, click on the item Forward and proceed by pressing on the item Changes which is at the top right. At this point, you can start to manually modify the various graphic parameters of the image (eg. Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and so on). To do this, simply drag them to the left or right from time to time indicators to, respectively, decrease or increase the parameters in question. Therefore, do several tests to get the best result.

Once you are ready to post the photo, click on the wording first Forward located at the top right and then on the item Share. If you need more help with posting the photos on Instagram, feel free to check my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

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