How to stay AFK on Minecraft

How to stay AFK on Minecraft

Time passes inexorably for everyone, even if in some people the passions remain unchanged. In your case, you love video games, to the point that whenever you have some free time you “sling” into Minecraft, to which you are very attached. However, you no longer have the opportunity to dedicate too many hours to this title (or to others), since “life calls”.

In this context, you no longer inform yourself about the world of video games as you did years ago and therefore you do not even know what methods are used nowadays to optimize times and have fun despite everything with the various offline experiences. Put simply, you are wondering how to stay AFK on Minecraft, simply wanting to learn more about how you can continue your adventures even if you have limited time.

Obviously, you do not play on online servers, but you are a “lone wolf” in the gaming field: you like to proceed with the dear old single-player and you would simply like not to have to “farm” too much, so as to enjoy your passion more. Don’t worry – I understand the situation and I’m here to give you some details that you might find interesting. Below you can find everything: I just have to wish you good reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Minecraft AFK
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Before going into the details of the procedure on how to stay AFK on Minecraft, I believe it is important to make some premises.

AFK it is in fact a term that means, quite simply, Away From Keyboard (literally translated: “away from the keyboard”). It is therefore a neutral term, used when someone temporarily stops playing to implement the classic operations required by everyday life.

However, I am aware of the fact that the passing of the years has caused the term AFK to assume in some ways a negative connotation. Indeed, some players unfortunately they have associated the latter with bots that allow you to fish or perform other operations automatically on online servers, which can in fact potentially ruin the experience of others.

So I wanted to reassure you that in this tutorial I will not clearly provide any information regarding cheats or the like (on the other hand, this is what I am). I will simply consider the existence of one here mod made by the community to satisfy a need that over time can reach a little to everyone: an advance on Minecraft offline even when you don’t have too much time to play.

Put simply, the term is used AFK in a positive sense, as it is understood by some players with a few more years on their shoulders: the passage of time has entailed more and more commitments in your daily life and this often affects the time to devote to gaming, which is is poured on the experience linked to Minecraft, since you are no longer able to carry on the latter as it should.

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This is your situation, right? I understand this and for this reason I believe it is right to provide useful information to achieve your goal. It also seemed interesting to me to try to “Ennoble” the term AFK, remembering that it is normal to have other things to do in life and that a good number of people with more years on their shoulders have never meant anything bad with the latter.

Just think of the fact that the term also exists BRB, “Be Right Back”, ergo “I will be right back”, which some players associate with the term AFK. In addition, I remember that the world of gaming has made, especially on mobile, even “dead times” a not insignificant strength, intersecting with people’s lives, precisely to provide them with an “AFK progression too” ( a myriad of examples can be given, but just think of FIFA Mobile, where you can have the AI ​​play games while “AFK”).

In any case, first, consider one of those that the Minecraft community defines mod AFK, I remind you that in these cases reference is made to Java version for PC of the Mojang video game (and not the Bedrock one). In fact, it is for the latter that almost all the contents of this type have been created.

For the rest, I wanted to let you know that in fact, the mod that I will illustrate in this guide is nothing more than a “facilitation” package that can allow you to continue more calmly in the Survival mode of the game (offline of course), but there are actually tons of other ways to get on with Minecraft without any problems.

Minecraft survival
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For example, you might think about checking out my tutorials on how to go Creative in Minecraft (in case you didn’t know, in the latter, you can fly and you have available all items in the inventory What do you want), how to activate commands on Minecraft (they can help you perform offline operations quickly, also in the Bedrock version of the game), how to make an auto fishing farm in Minecraft (always offline) And how to finish Minecraft (in case you need directions from that point of view).

In short, there are ways to have fun on Minecraft even without having too much time available, given the myriad of possibilities offered, including official options and content created by the community. Put simply, if you have little time available and want to make your offline experience in Minecraft more “fluid”, you can also do without using AFK mods. I wanted to clarify it, but I also understand that in some contexts the latter can be useful (for example while “disconnecting” from the PC only for a short time during your offline adventure), so continuing with the reading you will find bread for your teeth.

How to stay AFK on Minecraft

How to set up Fabric Profile Minecraft Launcher

If you are wondering, for example, how to stay AFK on Minecraft 1.17 (albeit actually, if you’re wondering, for example how to stay AFK on Minecraft 1.16, the procedure is always the same: find compatible mods with the right version), this is the part of the guide that is right for you.

In fact, I’d say it’s time to take action, considering one mod useful for your purpose. Clearly, the Java version for PC of Minecraft is the one most appreciated by the modder scene.

I reiterate this further just to be on the safe side: it is in no way my intention to refer to the use of bots or similar on online servers (Unfortunately this practice has spread on the Web and some refer to all this with the term AFK).

Simply, I am going to show you a mod that allows you to easily enjoy your offline experience, without therefore annoying other players, by fixing some issues and allowing you not to think about it too much, perhaps because you no longer have the same time as you once did to play.

In short, also given the openness shown by Minecraft towards the world of content created by the community, it does not seem to me there is anything wrong in explaining, with knowledge of the facts, how to make the experience strictly offline more smoothly, perhaps progressing even when you it is far from the keyboard and optimizing the times a little (for example in those situations where it briefly detaches from the PC but you want the character to continue to perform some operations).

How to install Minecraft Fabric API

A useful mod in this context is called kXuan’s Afk since the latter implements some facilities: for example, the possibility of automatically fishing offline. This created content is available for Minecraft versions 1.17 and 1.18, so it is also possible to use them on all-in-all recent editions.

To download the mod, just connect to the known CurseForge website and press the button Download, located on the right. In this way, you will get the file afk-[versione].jar. So you just have to do that move / copy the latter in the classic Minecraft mod folder, ergo the one you can find by following the path C:Users[nome_utente]AppDataRoaming.minecraftmods on Windows or ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/mods on macOS. In order to be able to reach the path mentioned for Windows, you may want to follow my guide on how to view hidden folders.

Before you can use the content, however, you must also install the tool Fabric (in case you haven’t already), as the mod is based on the latter. To proceed, then connect to the Fabric official portal and click the link Download universal jar, in order to obtain the file fabric-installer-[versione].jar (clearly I’m assuming you already have Java installed to open this type of file, but alternatively you can follow my tutorial on how to install Java).

At this point, open the JAR file just got it, select one Minecraft version compatible with the mod (for example, 1.18) and click the button Install. Then press the button OK to confirm the successful installation of the mod management tool.

Perfect, now you just have to download the mod Fabric API from CurseForge, obviously choosing the right version of Minecraft (for example, 1.18) e then moving the JAR file obtained in the same folder where you placed the one related to the kXuan’s AFK mod.

Automatic Offline Fishing Minecraft Mod
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Great, at this point open the Minecraft Launcher, select the profile fabric-loader using the appropriate menu located at the bottom left, and press the button PLAYS. Now, the necessary files will be prepared and the game will start.

Then click on the option Single-player and start any game in Survival mode. Perfect, now you can use the Auto Fish functionality introduced by kXuan’s AFK mod. Making use of automatic fishing is extremely simple: just put in the quick inventory a fishing pole And use it: you will see that everything will happen “by itself”. To stop fishing, you just need it to change items in the quick inventory (via mouse wheel).

In short, as you can see, some AFK mods can be useful for your offline experience, even if, as indicated in the preliminary chapter, there are probably easier ways to achieve your goal. However, it was interesting to note that this content can easily make life easier in Single Player games.

For the rest, of course, if you have created your own Minecraft server, maybe just for you and your friends, where you have decided to quietly allow automatic actions, this type of content could be useful in that context, but I want to reiterate that using these mods online is generally not well received by the community and it might in some cases lead to server ban, so you should use this type of mod only if you really need it and with full knowledge of the facts (clearly I do not take any responsibility for the incorrect use of the information in this guide).

In any case, since you usually play the Mojang title, you might be interested in consulting the page of my site dedicated to Minecraft, where there are many other tutorials related to this popular video game, which could provide you with some intriguing ideas for your gaming sessions.

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