how to send Free online fax without registration

how to send Free online fax without registration

You need to send a fax but your multifunction printer does not support this function and you do not have the slightest desire to go to the stationery and pay for sending the documents? Don’t panic right away. To cope with this, now it is enough to use a computer connected to the Internet. Cost of the operation? Zero, if you choose to contact one of the services for free online fax that I am about to suggest to you.

Most likely you were not aware of it, but by now there are several Internet sites that allow you to succeed in this small “business” without moving from home. All you have to do is register, select the file to send, and enter the recipient’s number. To find out more, keep reading, choose one of the solutions you find below, and use it following my instructions.

The services I am about to list are not 100% free: some of them can be used for free but with limits on the number of faxes to be sent or with limits on the number of pages per document to be faxed; others, on the other hand, can be tested for short periods without limits, after which they can continue to be used only for a fee. Having made this clarification, I would say that we can start. Enjoy the reading!

Free online fax without registration

If you have come to this article to look for solutions that allow you to send/receive fax online without registration, you will be disappointed: at the time of writing this article, in fact, there are no such services. In fact, all currently existing solutions for sending and receiving Internet faxes require registration as a prerequisite for proceeding. The good thing, however, is that all of them are free (at least in their basic use). Below are the ones that, according to the tests I have done, work quite well.


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The first among the services to send free online fax that I want to bring to your attention is HelloFax. This is a solution that can be used directly from a browser (without having to download absolutely anything to your computer) which allows you to send faxes online for free all over the world.

The basic version of the service allows you to send a maximum number of 5 pages: to send even more and to unlock all the other benefits/functions, you have to subscribe for a subscription starting at $ 9.99 / month or, alternatively, you have to pay 0 , $ 99 per fax with up to 10 pages and $ 0.20 for each subsequent page. Faxes are delivered within hours and are not tagged with advertisements.

To be able to use HelloFax, the first step you need to take is to connect to the service registration page and click on the button Sign up with Google to register using theGoogle account or on the button Sign up with Dropbox if you want to sign up with yours Dropbox account. Alternatively, you can register with yours email address by filling in the appropriate text field, by clicking on the button Create an account, and following the instructions that appear on the screen.

In short, the registration procedure consists of clicking on the link present in the message that was sent to the email address provided during registration and, on the page opened, specifies the password with which to access HelloFax; then press the button Keep it going and click on the wording No, thanks, I’m fine.

Now, click on the button Send a fax at the top, click the button Upload file to select the document to send (if you want, you can upload it simply by dragging it to the area Drag and drop files here present on the page you are on).

Once the file upload is completed, click on the button Fill in and sign located at the bottom and use the editing tools on the left to change the document if necessary by adding signatories, signature fields, autofill fields, etc. Next, click on the button Forward (top right), indicate the recipient’s fax number or e-mail address in the field located under the heading Fax number or email address click on the buttons Send document And Send with HelloSign And that’s it.


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can send faxes online also through eFax (formerly known as MyFax), another service that allows you to send and receive faxes online for free, but for a limited period: after a 14-day trial, in fact, to continue using it you need to take out a subscription starting from 7.99 euros/month. The trial involves sending and receiving 30 pages of faxes. As in the case of the other services I have selected for this article, eFax also does not apply commercial writings to the documents sent and the latter are delivered within a few hours.

To start using eFax, first, connect to the main page of the same (using the link I just indicated) and click on the red button Start faxing right away. Now, select Italy from the menu In which country do you want a fax number? choose your city from the menu Choose a city to choose the fax number to use and click the button Keep it going.

Next, provide a first name, email address, And telephone number (required to activate the account) and click on the button Keep it going placed at the bottom. On the page that opened, then, provide your billing address, the data of the terms of payment you prefer to use (the latter are used to activate the free trial which, if deactivated before its expiry, does not lead to the payment of any subscription) and click on the button Activate placed at the bottom.

Once this is done, you will be informed that the fax number is previously chosen carefully follow the instructions that will be given to you via email regarding the activation of the account, which must be done within 10 days of its creation by sending valid identity documents: if this is not done, the account is permanently and automatically deleted.

Once your account has been activated, go to the eFax login page provide your login details in the appropriate form and press the button login. Once logged in, click on the button SEND FAX and fill out the form that is proposed to you on the screen, indicating I recipient data object of the fax, the message, etc. Then click on the button Choose file located at the bottom, select the document to forward, and click on the button Send Fax ►.

If you decide to deactivate your subscription before the trial expires, remember to click on the button Update account located on the main page of your account (top), then click on the tab Billing and click on the link Delete account. Finally, you just have to follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the cancellation procedure.

Fax app

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I suggest you take this seriously too Faxapp which can be tried for 10 days without spending money and without having to provide credit card details. Its basic plan allows you to send 50 pages and receive an unlimited number of documents for $ 5 / month. Even in the case of Faxapp, the documents sent are delivered within a few hours and without commercial writings being applied to them.

To activate the trial version of Faxapp, connected to its home page using the link I provided you a moment ago and click on the button Try it 10 days for free, located at the top right. Then fill out the registration form providing an email address, username, And password in the appropriate fields; select the Area code you want for your virtual fax number and click on Keep it going.

Once the operation is complete, authenticate your account by clicking on link verification received via email: if you can’t find the message in your inbox, take a look at the spam) and send your first fax by selecting the item Send a fax from the Faxapp sidebar.

On the page that opens, click on the button located under the item Documentselect the file to fax, type the recipient number in the appropriate text field, and press on Send a fax to forward the document. you can choose PDF file documents of Microsoft Office and images with a maximum size of 25 MB.

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