How to organize the iPhone home screen ©aranzulla

How to organize the iPhone home screen?

You just bought a smartphone iPhone or you’ve owned one for a while now, and you’re more than happy with it – it’s responsive, fast, and intuitive. You can’t help but think that your phone’s Home screen is devoid of personality, and you don’t find many options to customize it to your liking.

Well, know that you are in the right place: in the next paragraphs, I will help you understand how to organize your iPhone Home screen in order to make it more personal and lively. If you’ve just made the switch from an Android phone, you might be blown away – Apple smartphones don’t provide many options for customizing the Home screen.

However, with a little ingenuity and a few tricks, you can achieve amazing results and completely change the Home screen on iPhone. No more chatter then: let’s find out now how to change the style of your Apple phone for the better.

How to organize icons on the iPhone Home screen

When an application is installed on the iPhone it is automatically added to the Home screen. The result is that, after a while, every time you try to search for a specific app it feels like you’re looking into a messy drawer!

The first thing to do then right arrange icons on the iPhone Home screen, but we must be careful. We can move and organize icons on the iPhone, but we can’t change the appearance of the icons. Actually, the last statement I just told you isn’t 100% true: there are ways to create custom icons on iPhone that I’ll explain shortly.

Move and arrange icons

How to organize the iPhone home screen
How to organize the iPhone home screen ©aranzulla

To move an icon on the iPhone Home hold your finger on an icon and move slightly on the screen a few centimeters with a small movement: you will notice that the apps now “shake” and have the symbol (-) in the upper left corner. You are now enabled to move the and icons organize iPhone home screen iOS 15 as you see fit: press and hold on any icon and move it with your finger to the position you prefer. When you are done moving the icons, press the button at the end top right.

If you want to move multiple icons at the same time on iPhone just keep your finger pressed on the selected icon and with another finger tap on the other icons: you will notice that now a small number appears in the corner of the icon indicating the number of selected apps. Just like you would for a single app, you can now move the entire group to wherever you like on the iPhone Home.

This method is also useful for creating folders on iPhone in which to contain several different apps. To create a folder on the iPhone, press and hold an app icon and then drag it to another app with a movement of the finger: you will notice that the underlying icon changes color gradation, and after a few moments a new window will open. with both apps in it. Congratulations, you just created a folder on your iPhone’s Home!

How to organize the iPhone home screen
How to organize the iPhone home screen ©aranzulla

You can create folders with many apps using the method I just described to you and thus organize multiple apps at the same time. But maybe you prefer to get rid of so many apps on your Home screen and don’t want to delete the icons one by one. What if I told you that you can do it without problems? Starting with the introduction of iOS 14 there is the Library app that helps you make the Home on iPhone less chaotic.

How does the App library? If you swipe left from the last screen on the iPhone – you should notice this because the indicator at the bottom with the ball icon is in the far-right position – you can access the App Library.

How to organize the iPhone home screen
How to organize the iPhone home screen ©aranzulla

From here you can quickly access your apps, which iOS automatically organizes according to type. Of course, you always can organize iPhone home screen iOS 14 placing apps in folders with the layout you prefer. Alternatively, you can search for an app by tapping the search bar at the top of the interface.

The apps you download are always present in the App Library, even if you delete them from the Home screen. Therefore, if you want to remove a large number of icons from a Home page in one fell swoop, I’ll tell you how to do it in seconds.

Select all the apps you want, as if you wanted to move them, by holding down on an icon and continuing to hold while with another finger you single tap on the apps you want to delete. After selecting, move all icons to an app for creating a folder. Once the folder has been created, press end at the top right, press and hold the folder with one finger, select the option Remove folder and that’s it.

Create custom icons

create custom icons on iPhone
How to organize the iPhone home screen ©aranzulla

Does organizing the Home screen icons not satisfy you? Would you like to be able to customize the icons with the colors or images you prefer? You can do this, as long as you accept some limitations. Unlike what happens on Android you can’t install icon packs on iPhone, but you can still change the style of an icon.

The first thing you can do is check if the app whose icon you want to change already has alternative styles. Not all apps provide the ability to change icons: Instagram And Telegram for example allow you to do it from the app’s internal settings. If you want to learn more, I refer you to my guide on how to change icons on iPhone using app settings.

Alternatively, you can use a little “trick” to change app icons on iPhone with Commands. This method requires some patience and initiative: you have to look for the images to add as icons and wait a few moments each time you open an app with the changed icon. The results, however, can amply pay off your efforts, if your desire is to create custom icons on iPhone.

How to organize iPhone Home screen pages

How to organize the iPhone home screen
How to organize the iPhone home screen ©aranzulla

If you need more space on the Home or want to organize the screens differently you must know absolutely how to organize home screen pages on iPhone. If you have a few apps you may have at most one or two screens at the moment: but if you want you can have a certain number of apps for different screens depending on the use you make of them.

Press and hold on to the app you want to insert on a new Home page and drag it with your finger towards the right edge of the interface: you will quickly move between the screens until you find yourself on a blank page. Release your finger and you will have created a screen: now you can move the icons to this new screen and press end in the top right when you’re done organizing apps.

You can also remove entire pages by holding down on an empty part of the screen and with a tap press the icon with the dots at the bottom of the interface. Click on the check symbol under the screen you want to delete and then click on the button with the sign (-) in the upper left corner, then click on Remove when you are asked for confirmation of the operation.

Maybe you just want to hide a screen on your iPhone: this way you can hide the apps you use at work when you go out with friends and vice versa. Doing so is really simple: hold down on an empty part of the screen and tap on the dots at the bottom to change the pages of the Home. At this point tap on the tick symbol at the bottom of the screen you want to hide and that’s it.

How to organize widgets on the iPhone Home screen

Widgets on the iPhone are the “hot” topic of the moment: since they were added with the release of iOS 14, more and more apps are adopting them. Since we can now add widgets to iPhone Home freely we can use them creatively to create a highly personalized screen.

Add and customize widgets

How to organize the iPhone home screen
How to organize the iPhone home screen ©aranzulla

Many widgets come directly with your iPhone – apps like Photos, Fitness, Music, and Clock provide widgets that you can add to your Home. You can always download new ones by installing special apps or create your own using Widgetsmith, but I’ll explain in more detail how to do it very soon.

To add a widget to the Home screen on iPhone just make a long tap on an empty spot on the screen and press the (+) button that appears at the top left. From the interface, you can choose the widget you prefer, or search for a specific one with the help of the search bar.

Tap on the widget you want and choose the optimal size from those available, just scroll through the various options. When you are satisfied with the size of your widget press the button Add widget down. Now your widget will be placed on the Home screen, and you can rearrange its position in the same way as for apps. When you have finished organizing the widget, press the button at the end top right.

Some widgets can be customized further, such as the one in the Weather app. To customize a widget on iPhone long tap on the widget and select Edit widget from the menu.

Create custom widgets

create custom widgets with widgetsmith
How to organize the iPhone home screen ©aranzulla

Are you tired of the usual widgets on the iPhone and would like to be able to customize of these elements similar to “small apps” always at hand? No problem, because with Widgetsmith you can do it. Widgetsmith allows you to create custom widgets on iPhone by changing size, style, text, background image, and more.

Create widgets on iPhone with Widgetsmith it’s simple and intuitive, just get carried away, and then you won’t be able to do without it.

How to arrange iPhone Home screen wallpaper

How to organize the iPhone home screen
How to organize the iPhone home screen ©aranzulla

At this point, you have become a true expert in organizing the iPhone Home screen by manipulating icons and widgets. But something is missing, isn’t it? How about changing the style of your iPhone? To do this you just need to know how to change the wallpaper on iPhone.

Now you know the methods to change wallpaper but you have no idea where to find iPhone wallpapers that suit your tastes. Not bad, because I can recommend the apps and sites where you can find the best iPhone wallpapers. There are literally hundreds of thousands of images to choose from, divided by category – so you can find the one that suits you.

Sometimes such a vast choice can also lead to being indecisive; but if you want you can let your iPhone choose the wallpaper itself. The idea of changing the iPhone wallpaper automatically teases you? With the Commands app, you can create a little script – no worries, it’s a series of lines of code – that will change the iPhone wallpaper for you: a This Page you will find the guide in detail.

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How to organize the iPhone home screen?

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