App for making videos with photos and music

App for making videos with photos and music 

Would you like to create a short slideshow with the photos you took during the holidays or at an event you attended? Would you like to make this slideshow more captivating by inserting background music and spectacular transition effects in it? Nothing easier, believe me.

Gone are the days when to create a slideshow with photos and music you had to “fiddle” with professional editors. Today just install a smartphone app and, in a few taps, you’re done! Yes, you read that right! There are apps to make videos with photos and music which offer everyone the opportunity to create spectacular presentations without having the slightest knowledge of the world of video editing. All you have to do is select your photos, choose a graphic theme and a soundtrack with which to assemble everything, and wait for the “magic” to happen.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to turn your shots into spectacular presentations to share online and/or show to friends? Below are some of the best apps that allow you to do this. Whether you have an Android device, an iPhone, or an iPad, I assure you that you will be able to obtain results of surprising quality. Happy reading and have fun!

App to make videos with photos and music for free

Let’s dive right into the heart of the article by seeing which are some of the best apps to make videos with photos and background music. I’m sure at least some of the solutions listed below will be to your liking. Let it bet?

Quik (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

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GoPro Quik, it is one of the best apps to make videos with photos and android music, but also on iPhone, being a solution available on both mobile platforms. Basic is free on both Android (if you have a device without Play Store, see if there is any alternative store) and on iOS / iPadOS, but to access all its features you need to sign up for a subscription that starts at 49.99 euros/year. If you’re going to create a slideshow with photos and music, however, you couldn’t start with a better app, believe me!

After installing and starting Quik, press the button Yes, I have a GoPro and follow the wizard to pair the application to your action camera GoPro or, if you don’t have one, press the button Just the phone at the moment. To start using the application, then, press the button Getting started guide, tap the button The tour begins and grants it I permissions required to make it work.

Then, press the button Study (bottom right), tap the button (+) Create a montage, press the button Grant permissions, and grant Quik the necessary permissions to function. Then, press on the preview of the photos and videos to import into the project you are working on, tap the button Let’s begin! (below) and that’s it: Quik will have automatically created the video with photos and music.

If you want, you can go and act on the assembly and thus customize everything. Then press the button Themes, to change the current theme with another one you like; Music, to choose the background music to use; Duration, to act on the duration of the video e Format, to select its aspect ratio (ex. 16: 9, 4: 3, etc.). Then it indicates the title of the project in the appropriate text field and taps the button Save the details.

Pressing on the button Timeline, by tapping on the clip and then on the button text that appears at the bottom you can change the text of the title of the video. By tapping on other video clips, then, you have the possibility to modify the frame, add a filter, insert text overlay, adjust the duration, etc., using the buttons that appear at the bottom.

Remember, while you are at it, to select the last clip, tap on it and then press the button Deactivate to turn off the display of the GoPro logo (unless you want to leave it visible). Once these changes are finished, click on the wording Finished (top right) e save the output movie by choosing your preferred export option. If you are offered a subscription, decline if this is not your intention.

iMovie (iOS / iPadOS)

How to fade a song on iMovie
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If you have an Apple device, you absolutely can’t forget about iMovie. This solution proposed by the Cupertino giant is certainly one of the best apps to make videos with iPhone photos and music (as well as on iPad) since it is available at no cost to all owners of a device iOS / iPadOS. It is very simple to use and includes a function that allows you to create “trailers”, ie presentations with photos, videos, and background music using convenient preset themes.

To create a slideshow with photos and music in iMovie, launch the app, press the button (+) located at the top right of the screen Projects, choose to create a new trailer, and select a theme from those available. To preview the selected theme, press the ▶ ︎ button located under the cover image.

Once you have chosen the type of trailer to make, press on the item Creates located at the top right and fill out the form that is proposed to you with all the information that will be shown in the trailer: title of the film, names of the members of the “cast” and so on. Then select the item Storyboard, press on the previews of the scenes that make up the trailer, and select a video or photo to view at that juncture.

Repeat, therefore, the operation with all the scenes of the trailer and, when you are satisfied with the result, press the button end (top left) to save the video and share it online or export it offline using the icon arrow which is under his miniature.

If you don’t like iMovie trailers and/or find them a bit too limiting, you can create presentations more freely by going to the tab Projects pressing the button (+), and starting the creation of a new Movie. This way you can choose the photos and videos to use in your montage and freely edit them with photos, music, and transition effects using the intuitive functions of the iMovie editor.

Other useful apps for making videos with photos and music

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There are other useful apps for making videos with photos and music and in the list below you can find a good representation. Take a look at them and see if any of them can come in handy.

  • Adobe Premiere Rush (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – it is an app developed by Adobe, which is inspired by desktop software Adobe Premiere Pro. It offers the possibility of editing videos in a simple and intuitive way, using rather advanced tools. Know, however, that it is possible to export up to three videos with it for free, then you have to sign up for a subscription that starts at 5.49 euros/month.
  • LumaFusion (iOS / iPadOS) – this is a well-known professional video editing application that includes advanced editing functions and tools, which are perfect for making videos with background music and images. It costs 29.99 euros.
  • Clips (iOS / iPadOS) – is a rather minimal app developed by Apple that makes simplicity its real strength: its interface is extremely simple and essential, as Clips is designed to make short movies, to be used especially for social purposes.

Other app selections that may interest you are the ones you find here And here.

App to make videos with photos and music: PC

Programs for making videos with photos and music
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We conclude the article with some applications to make videos with photos and music on PC: these are solutions designed for semi-professional or professional use and for this reason they could satisfy you more if the mobile apps were not successful.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows / macOS) – it is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best video editing programs on the market, which makes it more than suitable for making movies with photos and music. Please note that, after a one-week trial, it requires a subscription to the service Creative Cloud, which starts from 24.39 euros/month. More info here.
  • VEGAS Pro (Windows) – this is another professional software that offers advanced features for making videos that are beautiful to see. After a one-month demo, you need to purchase the license, which starts from 15.99 euros/month for the subscription version or 399 euros lump sum. More info here.
  • iMovie (macOS) – it’s the macOS version of iMovie, yeah mentioned above. Its simple and intuitive interface, in perfect Apple style, makes it an excellent video editing program. More info here.

For more information about the use of these and others programs to create videos with photos and music, I refer you to reading the guide that I have entirely dedicated to the subject.

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